Contrarian's Catharsis: The Bad Video Game Opinion Thread

Some video games are very popular, getting near-universal praise. If they aren’t in the video game canon yet, they will be soon. Games like Undertale and the Witcher III, two more recent releases, are beloved by most who play them.

Statistically, some of you are going to think that they’re shit.

This is the thread for not liking popular games and for liking terrible ones. Here, you can just exactly why you can’t be bothered about Geralt or Sans, without judgement or fear of dog piling.

There are two rules:

1.) Don’t try to change somebody’s opinion! You can love Earthbound, but if someone says that they think it’s bad, don’t jump in to explain why it’s actually good.

2.) Be respectful! People are allowed to like something that you don’t. Don’t say that everyone who likes X is an idiot.

I’m going to get the ball rolling with one of the two games I mentioned: Undertale.

God DAMN, I don’t like Undertale.

Like, the whole morality system is based on the idea that self-defense is wrong. Sure, some of the enemies are harmless, but there are other enemies that flat out try to kill you and the “correct” response is to try to sort out there emotional problems WHILE THEY TRY TO KILL YOU? It’s absurd!

There’s a few good jokes in the game (anime is real, tsund-airplane), but they’re buried in stuff that’s wacky rather than funny.

My final thoughts: I don’t want to date a skeleton, Alphys is a train wreck of a character and her arc made me legitimately angry

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I liked Dragon Age II and Anders did nothing wrong. I am also an outspoken and unashamed Chrono Cross liker. I don’t know if there are many other games that I like that are as contentious as the above. In the vein of games I hate that seem widely loved? Fuck Final Fantasy VII it is bad and bad and also bad.

I think that’s it.


I think that Shadow the Hedgehog is one of the better Sonic games because I find the majority of them so bad. I think Bubsy is better than the 2d Sonic games.


This thread is made for me. It is my home.

Dragon Age 2 is the best Dragon Age.

Mass Effect is boring and the characters are bad (except the Citadel DLC I love that stupid thing)

Suikoden 4 is better than Suikoden 5, and Suikoden 3 is the best in the series.

Final Fantasy 6 is overrated as hell and Celes is one of the worst characters, possibly ever.

I have more I will be back I’m sure.

Oblivion is the most watered-down and bland of all Bethesda games. I never had fun in that game with developer-made content.
Oh, except the horse armor.


Thank you for this thread.

I too have a dislike for Undertale. I’ve honestly complained about it so much to some friends who were willing to listen that I feel like I don’t have the strength to complain anymore. I don’t like the story, I don’t like the battle system, I really don’t like the edgy happy-flower-character-turns-dark trope. Woo! Glad to get that off my chest.

I hate Skyrim and all the similar open-world sandbox style games it spawned, but on a more personal level. There is a thing as too much freedom, and too much freedom makes me lock up, not knowing what to do with myself (in the game.) Just let me stay on the railroad, please, guys.

Every Bethesda RPG bores me to tears.


Wow. Yikes. This opinion when Sera exists. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hate. I should respect the rules but wow. It’s fine, you’re okay, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m sure you have good reasons.

Every Bethesda game being utter shit* should not be an unpopular opinion. That’s just telling the truth and people who think differently are objectively wrong.

The Citadel DLC fucking owns and I’m still mad about Jack.

I didn’t think Modern Warfare 3 was all that phenomenal.

*limited exceptions being Fallout New Vegas and the new Doom game and Morrowind but only because of nostalgia it’s actually trash.

I totally get you on too much freedom being a bad thing in a game. I’ll never understand people complaining about linearity in games; linearity allows for better pacing and better storytelling, in my opinion. The only “sandbox” style game I’ve enjoyed was Hitman '16, and, even then, it has incredibly clear goals and limited interactions.

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Final Fantasy characters are like Final Fantasy games. Each one is simultaneously the best character while also being the worst.

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Sera from FFXIII or Sera from Inquisition? Inquisition Sera is awful, I agree, but at least she’s consistently written awful unlike miss “I’m a general, not a love starved twit! (spends entire game being love starved twit. also, a professionally trained opera singer. for some reason.)”

Sera from XIII is cool.

Oh and on Inquisition, Vivienne is excellent, and is correct about pretty much all of the things she says and thinks and makes the best Divine.

  • Psychonauts is incredibly meh.
  • I never really saw much in either of the Half Life games. They are okay shooters, I guess.
  • DmC is actually pretty fucking solid and fun.
  • Metro 2033 is better than Last Light.

E: Also, yeah, I didn’t think Elder Scrolls games being bland was a bad or even an unpopular opinion at this point. Especially with everyone fellating Witcher 3… oh… hahahahhaa

  • Witcher 3??? Well. It’s okay, I guess. (Shots. FIRED!)

DOOM is the reason I edited to say “RPGs” instead of “games” :toot:

Late-development FFXIV 1.0 was, mechanically, more enjoyable to play than 2.0.

Also, Bloodborne was a legitimately bad game in an interesting wrapper.

Lords of the Fallen has an ok game hidden within it. I don’t think the devs did that on purpose and its only there by accident.

What is “an accurate description of the entire Souls series”?

Fun fact: Neither Doom 2016 nor New Vegas were developed by Bethesda. Only published. There’s a pattern here. Dishonored is also Bethesda published and actually good, for instance.


Skyward sword is crap! the graphics are bad the characters are bad Link holds the sword in a manner that would break your wrist. why do people enjoy this game? do you enjoy taking 5 minutes to defeat mediocre enemies??? i don’t get it.

Dark souls isn’t fun it;s not even super hard you just gotta play the game the way it wants to be played…but fuck that I do what I want and what i want is to play a better game.

Lost planet 2 was amazing! it had great multiplayer, great guns and super fun characters it’s like the most underrated game.


Final Fantasy IV was the only good Final Fantasy.

DOOM is tedious.

Every fighting game is just a needlessly complicated Divekick clone.

Other Devil May Cry games wish they were DmC.