Clock Tower 3: And You Thought YOUR Roommates Were Bad!



It’s a shame that the final boss is kinda bad, because everything else in the game is dumb in an enjoyable way. Burroughs is a slog though, especially since it’s so hard to chain him.
There is sort of another game in the Clock Tower series; Haunting Ground has more or less the same gameplay style as this game, just touched up a bit. For better or for worse, that game’s tone is nowhere near as goofy as CT3’s, though the overall theme is… around as creepy as Dick trying to remove Alyssa’s heart. Most importantly, though, you get a dog named Hewie as a companion. From what I remember, Hewie is about as controllable as the theoretical Dennis that was brought up in this episode.

But really, the best Clock Tower game is actually Gregory Horror Show for the PS2. Capcom got it on their second try, but then decided to let their best game disappear into obscurity.


Wow, that final boss battle was pretty terrible, but I could only think of one thing during it:


This was a weird game. The spooks should have worked, but the weird mocap made a lot of it comical.

Thanks for the LP!


Lowkey “I know what a fortnight is but not on my Eye Paid” is probably the best joke in this LP.

But yeah this ruled, except for the part where Burroughs fucking sucks holy shit. Thanks for this uh…let’s call it unique experience, that unfortunately also basically killed Clock Tower entirely.

I’m quite excited to see what’s next. That teaser image looks…fascinating.


Man, I forgot how wild this game got. Thanks for the LP, Chorps