Clock Tower 3: And You Thought YOUR Roommates Were Bad!

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Clock Tower 3 is a third-person survival horror game developed by Capcom and Sunsoft and released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002. The game bares little resemblance to the previous Clock Tower games, eschewing their point-and-click interface that had defined those games for a more standard third-person control scheme. It also has nothing to do with the overarching plot of Clock Tower or its sequel, despite its numbering indicating a follow-up to those stories. Clock Tower 3 is notable for being the only video game directed by Kinji Fukasaku, best known for his directorial work on the Battle Royale film, as well as Fukasaku’s final complete product before he died of prostate cancer in 2003. The story focuses on Alyssa Hamilton, a 14-year old girl who comes home from her boarding school after her mother leaves her an ominous letter. When she approaches the house, it becomes evident that nothing is quite as she remembers it…

While Clock Tower 3 is very different from its predecessors, the core of the game is kept mostly intact. The focus is on a horror experience where the main character cannot fight back against the entities that haunt them, forcing players to evade enemies until they can find another way to confront them, while also solving puzzles and piecing together a mystery. Clock Tower 3 is mostly the same, but does provide some combat sequences that are built into the overarching story. The game also features a Panic Meter, which increases when confronted by enemies. If it gets too high, Alyssa becomes harder to control, and some actions are rendered inaccessible until the player can escape their pursuant. Some may see this as frustrating from a gameplay perspective, but it causes me massive anxiety so it totally works.

Ultimately, Clock Tower 3 was a commercial failure, failing to reach Capcom’s projected sales number of 450,000 even after a full year. Reviews cited strong presentation, including graphics, script and cinematography, but criticized the game’s short length and weak gameplay mechanics. Many fans of the Clock Tower series see 3 as a betrayal of the original games, particularly in the way that iconic characters are handled. Personally, I love the game, despite being a baby when it comes to horror. I think it captures its tone remarkably well and does a lot with what little it has, making for a game that is worth experiencing, though not necessarily worth playing. But hey, that’s why I’m here!

I’m the Rooder duder ChorpSaway, and my accompanying Subordinates are TheJayOfSpade, FutureFriend and Taoc. Together, we’ll be exploring Clock Tower’s lush world of murderers and seeing if we can’t help Alyssa out in her quest to solve her family’s mysteries.

While there isn’t much to do outside of completing the main story, I will be saving all of the Spirits haunting the game, as well as showing off the bonus content you get from completing the game.

While I know that Clock Tower 3 has a bit of a reputation amongst video game circles, I would appreciate if you would hold off talking about events in the game until they come up in a video. I feel it’s a story best experienced blind, and I want to preserve that for the unknowing audience.


:siren: SUPER LET’S GET STARTED! :siren:

Welcome to a world of horror like you’ve never seen before! In this new adventure, a young girl named Alyssa Hamilton returns home from boarding school after her mother tells her explicitly not to, in classic horror fashion. However, once she opens the door, she’ll come to realize that a lot has changed in two years…

The LP will traditionally update on Sundays, including this upcoming Sunday, Nov. 4th, but it only felt appropriate to start it on Halloween. Spooky~

:siren: WOW, A PODCAST! :siren:


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Another treat for Halloween: it’s a horror anime podcast! This time, we’re talking about the 2000 cult classic Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust! As one of the first anime movies brought to the West in order to try and market animation to adults, full of dark action and a haunting story, how does Bloodlust hold up after 18 years?


Ah, Clock Tower 3. My favorite anime.

Anyway, I’m glad our main character is far more terrified of classical music than the weird man skulking about her house. Strange priorities, but bold ones, I think.

I’ve only seen maybe five seconds of the original Clocktower so this’ll be fun! Especially because of that front loaded “it has a reputation”. That’s always fun, hearing a game has “a reputation” when you have no idea what it’s got going for it at all!

…hm. That’s…an interesting opening. Very…awkward. Also props for saving in slot four. But yeah this looks interesting, it’ll be fun to see how it goes. Reminds me of Rule Of The Rose.

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:siren: UPDATE TIME! :siren:

Today, Alyssa finds herself lost and confused! After a strange happenstance in her mum’s room, Alyssa stumbles into an unfamiliar part of the house, and things only get stranger from there. She finds herself in the streets of an English town, in a time unknown to her. Alyssa will need to keep her wits about her to find a way back home, and also to deal with the rude gentleman mucking up the place!

Yeah there’s a bit of DNA that can be found from the Clock Tower series in Rule of Rose, and deviates in some very interesting ways. Also it was the one other game by the studio behind Chulip, and I’d love to play and cover it just for that, but copies got for about one million dollars on the secondary market so it’ll be a while.


Wow, Alyssa is really smart. It would’ve taken me days to work out who the murderer was and she discovered who it was in, like, 5 seconds.

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…well, I didn’t expect the game to go QUITE the direction it has all of a sudden.

So we’ve got the Blobbyman, and now Galager 3. Quite a rogue’s gallery!

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Breaking News: Witness who stated “I killed her” now possible suspect. Police still baffled at method.


:siren: UPDATE TIME! :siren:

Today, Alyssa enters the concert hall to find a lost soul stuck on Earth! Of course, Alyssa can’t leave someone in need, and so it’s up to her to help the soul find its way to the afterlife! Unfortunately, that hammer-wielding killer is still hot on Alyssa’s trail, and it’ll take all her wits to be able to escape 1942 with her life! It’s time to close out the first level of Clock Tower 3!


Given how much of an actual cinematic masterpiece Battle Royale is up until the ending makes it absolutely fucking weird as shit, I’m…excited to see where this will go, now that you’ve reminded him being responsible for it.

Also, I think with regards to actual horror, a ghost puppeteering her corpse to continue the thing she’s devoted her life to is really spooky.

…well, I see we found the ACTUAL weird shit. I’m not OPPOSED to magical girl horror game, but it’s…absolutely not what I expected from Clocktower.

My roommate Sledgehammer said he put something on a nearby corpse that would REALLY spook me up.

Also, since we’ve reached the boss, I reiterate:


:siren: UPDATE TIME! :siren:

Today, Alyssa returns home after a hard day of killing a demonic murderer from World War II, but it’s not time to relax just yet! She has to figure out what’s going on with her life, where her mum ended up, and even worse, how she’s going to deal with her neighborhood friend breaking in to her room to help her out!


I wonder what was going on in the studio when they made that scene.

Person A: “So ClarissaAlyssa helps Ron WeasleyDennis, and then…”
Person B: “What if we animate it so every one of their limbs is moving at all times?”
Person A: “What?”
Person C: “Yeah, and they should flail around the bedroom like it’s a Tom and Jerry cartoon!”
Director: “Make it happen! This will show everyone the processing power of the PS2!”

It’s telling that Ron Weasley, unlike the other creep who broke and entered, decided not to walk through the unlocked front door, but instead tried to enter through the window. One could hope that there was a chance he would have fallen two stories had Alyssa not arrived in time, but I think he would have slid through the seams. Like a liquid.

So the name John Haigh came up in those journals. Are you going to be bring up the unique thing about the next Subordinate? Because the fact that he’s got a specific gimmick that no other Subordinate has is really weird but kinda neat.

I read this before watching and I, foolishly, said “there’s no way it’s that weird”.

I don’t…I don’t actually know what I just watched. It’s way to early in the morning for me to watch that scene.

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All the cutscenes are actually mo-capped for Clock Tower 3, so there were real human people doing all that! I bet the Japanese voices match the erratic movements way better and give off a very different mood than the relatively nonchalant performances from the English release.


That’s brilliant, honestly

:siren: UPDATE TIME! :siren:

Today, it’s time to continue our trek through the 60’s! While collecting film and learning more about why we were brought to this particular area, Alyssa finds herself on the wrong end of a British invasion, and not the one you’re thinking of! It’s time once again for Alyssa to show off her Rooder powers and send another murderer into the depths of hell! But meanwhile, the Blobby Man has been doing some renovations on Alyssa’s home, and I don’t think they’re to help the property value of the place…


Corroder is my favorite Subordinate in the game, specifically because of his love for vandalism. And the fact that an enemy in a survival horror game will use a butt stomp attack and we’re supposed to think it’s scary I guess???

Also, since Chorps didn’t mention it: Corroder is the only Subordinate in the game that’s based on a real murderer. John Haigh killed people the old fashioned way, but thought that corpus delicti meant that he could just toss a body in acid and nobody would ever be able to convict him of murder. Turns out, he was wrong. But his methods were distinct enough that he became known as the Acid Bath Murderer.
And then Capcom decided to interpret that as “man who straps canisters of acid on his back and shoots said acid through a shower head at people until they die.”


Thanks for the history listen Fefnir, that rules honestly. I’m also really liking Corroder, though he gets kicked pretty quickly…

Also, knowing that the scenes in this game were mo-capped makes everything so much funnier.