Clock Tower 3: And You Thought YOUR Roommates Were Bad!



Honestly, John Haigh’s real conviction might be a goofier end than the one he got in the game. Clock Tower 3 just had him face ironic justice by falling into a vat of acid after fighting back the law.


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Today, we’re forced to check out all of the Blobby Man’s home renovations, starting with the basement! Unfortunately it’s not just bad aesthetic choice that’s waiting for us, because he left a little surprise for us, and surprise I mean another Subordinate! Chopper is our toughest opponent yet, but it seems like amidst this puzzle basement lies an important secret for the Hamilton family…


So, theory time; Chopper is our Dad. It just seems like an appropriate twist given the…rather sudden history scene, and the fact that we’ve learned nothing about this guy.


It really seems like Chopper is a power rangers villain moonlighting in this game. I like to think that acid man, was cooking up some really really good party stuff for the Blobby man. Alyssa got to experience what that stuff does, in episode 5.


Oh nice trick ehhehe.

So while Corroder is the only Subordinate based on a real murderer, Chopper is clearly just Kratos Godofwar in his teen years. His very embarrassing teen years.


I wonder what Ron was up to during the whole “manor gets fucking obliterated by a clock tower” thing. I hope you find him and it turns out the blobby guy hired him to be this game’s scissorman.

“Alyssa, check out these wicked cool novelty clippers!” he’ll say, as he wildly mocaps towards her, unaware that flailing them around is making them a deadly tool.


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Today, Chopper’s nice trick has landed Alyssa in a Rooder graveyard, full of souls who cannot move on thanks to Chopper’s dark magic! In order to free the lost souls of her ancestors and continue on her own quest to save herself and her mother from the horrors befalling the Hamilton family, Alyssa must travel through the graveyard, solving family mysteries and coming across powerful ancient magic that can fight back against Chopper!

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It’s time for a new podcast! This time, real life friend heptameride joins me to discuss Ping Pong the Animation from 2014! One of Masaaki Yuasa’s lesser-known works, Ping Pong’s unique art style translates from page to screen in a remarkable way, making a powerful and dynamic sports series that shouldn’t be missed!


Because of my apartment’s layout, the music bounces around real good…which means some of the creepy noises sounded like they were coming from my fridge while I was getting a peanutbutter and jam sandwich. So yeah, a little spooked, thanks.

Also correct me if I’m wrong but the blobbyman said in that little “how to become an entity” spiel, you have to “rip out a heart of the same bloodline”. Does that mean all entities are related to a Rooder?


To summarize Chopper: He’s a noted redditor who’s fond of nice tricks and has the same exact reaction to them every time. He murders people by windmilling them with axes, except for that one time where he caused a car accident just to change things up.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to the next entity. It’s gonna be A Thing, in the game where every murderer can accurately be described as “A Thing.”


Ah, so he’s a prequel memer. He just forgot how his favorite quote went when he died, so now he just talks about nice tricks while spinning his axes.


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Sorry for the delay on this episode, just found the time to make this post while on vacation! Today, we enter the final dungeon of the game, and the most devious Subordinates yet! That’s right, we’re facing off against two nasty characters this time, and they even captured Dennis! Can Alyssa navigate her way through this failing hospital and save her friend in time, or is it time for us to cut off the weak link?

Also, after the episode, enjoy this video edit I made to celebrate this very exciting moment in the game!


So while the Burroughs are probably supposed to be, like, a reboot of the Barrows family or whatever, I prefer to think that the Burroughs are distant cousins that the rest of the Barrows were too ashamed to mention.


Honestly, the twins’ bizarre choreography makes them even better than Corroder.


I finally caught up with the thread and I gotta say the knowledge that this game was mocapped keeps sticking with me for some of these cutscenes. Some of the movements feel like they simply wanted to see what weird movements they could do with the tech rather than using it to make things natural. It would probably have made the Subordinates more unsettling if it weren’t for how they acted.


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Today, it’s time to take down the Scissor Twins! And also save Dennis I guess. As Alyssa explores the clock tower castle she’s found herself in, some big revelations appear to shake up her whole worldview! Will she be able to push past the shock and awe and continue her quest to kill the Subordinates, or will she be too cut up to finish the job? Also, we learn a little about European history!


So for anyone wondering, the name of the song is Scissor Dance, and it is the best theme in the game. I adore how prominent the little scissor sound effects are.


Wow. Dennis did something cool and useful for once. Maybe I should stop looking down on him.

Dennis: “Get back into the kitchen, Alyssa”

Never mind.


I’ve been telling a friend of mine who’s big into Clock Tower as a series, but didn’t know about this game.

This is the episode where they just kinda walked away dead inside.


The scissor twins more than any other enemy so far seem like Power Ranger villains. The fact that their stuff was mo-capped somehow makes this even funnier.


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It’s time for Alyssa to face off against the Entity responsible for her worst birthday ever! As she reaches the top of the clock tower, Alyssa must finish her Rooder mission and stop Lord Burroughs aka Dick Hamilton aka the Blobby Man from completing the Ritual of Engagement! But will she be able to fight back against the person who was once her caretaker? Will Dennis survive these strange circumstances? And just how much is the game out to get me personally by the end? All this and more on the grand finale of Clock Tower 3!

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And for completing the game, we get access to an art gallery for the game! Let’s check that out while we’re here!

Thanks for watching! The Otaku Trash Machine will be going on a bit of a hiatus for January, but we should hopefully be back before too long with a brand new LP project! See you then!