CAD Mock Thread 2017: No, not the f- Not the fairies! And angels.


So is Ethan still a manchild who has things just work out for him? Outside of the bad art that was usually the biggest thing to make fun of.


If Ethan no longer has bird-hair and Lucas no longer as Face-Shirt than whats the point in having these characters back


There was a parody of the Loss comic in an episode of The Loud House, so we have confirmation that even cartoons now consider CAD to be fair game.


Another excellent one from Bob.

Re-watching the Homecoming LP and suddenly this pops up, getting a really loud laugh out of me and also managing to be oddly relevant.


hahaha holy shit I forgot about this one


My co-hosts (who aren’t super familiar with the LP format) asked me to compile a list of shows to watch to get a feel for what the cream of the lp crop was.

The first two I linked were videogamedunkey’s Megaman 2, and Bob’s Silent Hill: Homecoming.


Yeah and it’s so wonderfully subtle.



I wonder if my youtube channel is obscure enough to get away with “let’s watches” of the cad cartoons.


Happy Nine years of loss.jpg


omg I can’t believe you have existed ALL THIS TIME. the end of the mock threads on SA was one of my sadest days, and I check BSS every few months to see if anything has come back… but you’ve been here all along… can’t wait to do edits again. holy shit so excited!


wow except looks like this is a super dead thread. lame



btw here’s a loss I saw recently


Not quite how I imagined the hospital layout, but this is amazing


Okay, here’s a game I like to play called ‘make the comic funny’! it was my favorite in the old mock threads and is sometimes a real challenge. Here’s the most recent comic:

How to make it funny? The first and easiest strategy is to de-wordify it. With basic comon sense editing, we get:

another strategy is ‘delete the first panel’ which often is just explaining the joke.

there are many other was to make cad comics funny, take the challenge today!


another example:

and the original:

its easy and somehow fun and satisfying.


i think i found the joke?

maybe. original:


Clearly you don’t understand the joke.

You see, the first three panels are there to establish that Buckley McVideogames over there doesn’t understand how a 3D printer works.
In the last panel, the punchline is delivered: Buckley McVideogames over there doesn’t understand how a 3D printer works.


i made a blog to post these every day because it entertains me and i dont want to spam the thread every day if anyone is interested.

please post more i miss the cad laughs.


That link doesn’t work, I’m afraid. :frowning: