CAD Mock Thread 2017: No, not the f- Not the fairies! And angels.


oopsie. fixed it

thanks :slight_smile:


I think I just don’t have it in me to hate Buckley anymore. I think back to a simpler time when one of the worst things I was aware of online was a dude with a bad webcomic. Good times… good times.


Yeah, perspective ruins mock threads a little. There are so many worse comics out there, so much more deserving of actual ire, that a mere unremarkably bad comic like CAD sort of doesn’t satisfy anymore…


i never hated, or even had any interest in tim buckly the person. i just find it really humerous and schadenfreudy that the comic is so bad after so many years, there is barely any improvement. also, being writingly inclined myself, i find it funny that he just can not resist dumping words all over everything. sometimes he even has a good joke but buries it in so many words you have no idea whats going on until you really look for it. im sure there are plenty of godawful comics out there, but its the ones that are just on the edge of being good, but fall short in spectacular/terrible ways that make for the most laughs to me.


I mean, Loss will always (rightly) be a legend.


hervows and dontfuckwithus too


Strangle is a national treasure.


He actually is kind of a douchecanoe and a terrible person but, much like his comic, not in any particularly remarkable way that might make it in any petty way satisfying to engage with him or discuss it.


So, um… Buckley himself made a Loss edit 10 years to the day.

I’m at a… something… for words.


Congrats to Buckley for managing to make loss worse.