CAD Mock Thread 2017: No, not the f- Not the fairies! And angels.


I also think those edits made him do more comics without the 4-panel layout?


And that’s good. Everything else constant, at least some amount of criticism helped him improve in that area. Now if only he could write a likable/relatable character…


Loss.jpg transcends all

My personal favourite:


Dunno if anyone listens to it but the Reply All podcast has a segment called “Yes Yes No” where they try to explain internet (mostly Twitter) bullshit to a non-internet person. I was surprised when a recent episode went full CAD:

IIRC they kinda mess some stuff up but it was weird to be reminded of CAD out of the blue so many years after the mock threads.


Hahaha, the Buckley map is pretty good:

It was pretty great hearing those guys try to reverse-engineer this joke. I wish they had mentioned “By the way, this is a comic strip where a guy made a talking robot out of an XBOX… so yeah that’s why Loss had a tone problem.”


Reply All is one of my favorites, but I think they’ve done better Yes, Yes, Nos about explaining Internet in-jokes, but got the jist of the loss.jpg thing


A postmodern Buckley I saw today


Here’s today’s fuckin thing. I guess Ethan is magic and can come back from the dead whenever he wants now. So that explains a lot.


lucas i swear to god put your single fucking eyebrow down this instant

also: i guess buckley figured out how to combine the players comics’ bullshit antics with his main storyline, neato. “violence is the punchline” is here to stay


Jesus that’s pretty fucked up.


I mean, I can’t say I hate the concept. I bet you could get a lot out of mundane real life with the ability to re-spawn.


I’m not an anime person but re:ZERO handles the whole “death = respawn” thing pretty damn well (and fucked up in some cases). It also adds a time-travel element to it too - like you can kill yourself to respawn but you don’t know where your last checkpoint was.

It’s also got sexy maid twins, so :upside_down:


Oh well in THAT case.

For real though, that sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

Speaking of anime, I liked Gantz’s respawn rules, where if someone beat the “mission” while your heart was still beating you would be completely reformed in the room no matter how much damage you had sustained. Lead to a lot of tense moments.


I know this is the webcomic thread, but time travel respawning just remembered me of my favorite web story periodic thingy: MOTHER OF LEARNING.

It is basically Harry Potter meets Groundhog day.
Narration improves a lot along the chapters and gets pretty well written.

Dunno how to link properly on mobile, sorrys :sweat_smile:


Good to see that some things never change. And by ‘good’ I mean ‘unsurprising’.


I am sad that Lucas’s unimpressed shirt face is gone :frowning:


Ew Lucas looks like a college-era Bruce Wayne instead of a dumpy, yet very square man. Ew ugh ugh


I’m sad nobody has giant infinitely expanding tree trunk legs anymore


Has Buckley ever SEEN a human face? No one not suffering from post-surgical facial paralyzation has resting perpetually-raised eyebrows, ESPECIALLY not ALTERNATING ones. ~- -~ ~- -~


It’s well established that one of the drawbacks of superpowers is permanent Dreamworks Face