CAD Mock Thread 2017: No, not the f- Not the fairies! And angels.


The site was doing the same thing for me the other day.

Also didn’t ethan die or get retired or die?


I haven’t yet mustered up the self-loathing needed to go back through the archives and figure out WHY, but yes, Ethan died but now I guess he’s alive again. Or maybe this is just a Winter-Een-Mas special and he’ll be dead again once it’s over?


I feel like I kinda vaguely remember Tim saying a few years back that there’d be a reboot with Ethan and co? It might have been brought up in the old mock threads, back when Tim was drawing all those stupid Player comics. I haven’t kept up with CAD since then so I dunno if that’s what’s actually going on or not.




There was something in the first comic on the site for this current Winter-een-mas arc that Buckley wrote involving Patreon or some such thing and donor-exclusive comics, but I could not wrap my head around his words. Granted, I had a huge migraine, but I’m pretty sure even without that I’d still be confused.




So, anyway, Ethan’s alive… I know he died and Lilah made a videogame church for him and promised to never love again, then CAD continued with the obnoxious “Players” characters… then what happened to undo Ethan’s death? Can anybody source that tidbit?


Since I hate myself, I went looking through the archives.

The blog posts in this link have him talking about the end of CAD as we know it:

If you don’t want to read his word vomit there’s this:

You will see Ethan and Lucas again, though not quite exactly as you knew them. There are some changes that I’m incredibly excited about. I’ve been spending a lot of time (and will continue over the next few months) crafting their new adventures. It will be a while, since I want to do this right, but you will see them again.

and also this:

With the new Ethan and Lucas (and yes, Lilah) story, they’ll be in a setting that is appropriate for me to explore not only humor, but drama, action and romance as well. Because I now know going in that those are things I want to write (something I didn’t when I first started this comic), I can build a world for them where that is all appropriate. Where it doesn’t seem sudden or out of place. The new setting will support these things better than this one did.

Here is the start of the reboot:

I guess Ethan and Lucas are superheroes now? Ok, Tim.


First four panels the original comic


I remember a weird trend of CAD edits around the 2012 Republican primary where they would just put the candidates over the characters. For some reason that got bigger than it should have


im a big fan of simplicity


I can’t deny that his art has improved since I was last paying attention.


He hired a second artist to fill in his linework. That’s why the art still looks goofy and off-model. The artist can only do so much with colour to fix it.


I’m still counting this as an improvement.


Speaking of Zelda, remember this gem?


Oh shit it’s my boy Lunk



I call this “She Lost”


One of the stranger parts I find about CAD is that what I saw back in the day were so many people editing down his comics from 4 panels to 2 (and even 1) to shorten the joke and make the punchline timed better. It didn’t make the comics good, but they were certainly better. And even though Buckley writes a little less nowadays, he still has a WORDS WORDS WORDS problem, like damn, shorten it up a little.


I’ve seen people do that with a lot of gaming comics, Penny Arcade gets it a lot too. But both webcomics try to put in humor with serious gaming opinions and that’s always fun to see.


I honestly never knew anything about CAD until I saw loss.jpg. Maybe I was lucky that I didn’t read any webcomics when they were “good” so I never grew attached while they tumbled into a dumbster fire.


Yep, and often you can remove most of the text from a comic and it’ll still keep the punchline, e.g.


literally just removing words without adding in any of my own:

With literally less effort you can get the exact same punchline, and that first balloon just needs “how gullible do you think we are?” and it would be everything from the original comic’s set-up with only a single balloon.