CAD Mock Thread 2017: No, not the f- Not the fairies! And angels.


I remember when it actually happened and still don’t believe it’s real despite reading it. The way it ends really gets me still. Ethan dies to save the future and Lilah eventually opens a Church for Gaming in his name. There is no way to not mock CAD.


Oh man the memories.

I haven’t really check out the comic in years but I give Buckley props for improvement on his drawing style since the “end” of CAD.

Does he still put on that CAD LAN party that was supposed to be a rival to PAX?

(Bob’s video still makes me laugh)


It’s technically an improvement but not by much. Take everyone in the first panel of this comic for example


Man, I will never understand how and why this dude’s shading is so BORING, even after all these years. I can’t pin down exactly why, but the shading is almost always so plain and dull. Skinny little pointless highlights here and there, rarely any shading on faces unless it’s right on the chin… it’s so weird!!


It might be that the shading has absolutely no consideration for where light might be coming from and just kind of exists.


What about my favorite CAD thing at all, the on-going adventures of Ethan McMananus?


I like to imagine the light in that first panel is actually a fourth, hidden character in the comic: Ethan’s soul, come down from Gamer Heaven ™ as a blessing upon Nintendo.


I am definitely all for a new CAD Mock thread. I think the last one suffered “24 hour news” syndrome where people get obsessed, Buckley doesn’t do anything noteworthily bad and people start mining turds for gold if that metaphor makes any sense.

So I guess if he doesn’t do anything bad and people just kinda forget the thread for a little and come back when “holy shit new loss/strangle/games games bowl” surfaces, it’ll be great.

edit: Oh that’s weird, I didn’t see a lot of the new replies up there. Eh, nothing to see here?


I’m so happy there’s a CAD mock thread here. I miss all the edits everyone used to do on SA. I think I still might have some of them on my external harddrive, maybe I can dig them up later?

In other news, I am completely unsurprised that his art is still shit. It’s so lifeless.


You would be my absolute favourite if you did this since I couldn’t find hardly goddamn anything.


I’ll definitely take a look after work! Fingers crossed I didn’t delete them all after my last hard drive purge.




I have some stuff saved from that era as well! It’s mixed in with thousands of other random images, but I was able to dig a few things out (hidden due to size).





…what the hell is that last one?


Found some!


God, I haven’t thought about this god damned comic in ages. He’s still updating? Good lord!


Here are some more:


Today’s comic:

It’s… almost funny in my opinion, so that’s a nice surprise. The faces are way off though. I don’t know what emotion the guy who isn’t Ethan is supposed to be conveying in panel 1.

Also, is the CAD site broken for anyone else? It looks like this for me:


I’m glad he has graduated from putting the punchline in the first panel.