Behold my Stand: Let's Play Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Taking place three years after the events of Castlevania 3, Curse of Darkness follows our hero Hector McDemonMaker on an epic quest to SAVE(Avenge) HIS GIRLFRIEND! Starting to sound a little bit like the plot of Lament of Innocence wouldn’t you say? Well that’s where you’re wrong you fool!!! For Hector isn’t bound by things like… Gems, subitems, or shitty whips with the power to kill the lord of all darkness. No my friends! He has the power to forge and create demons (Sometimes) as well as the ability to make his own weapons on the fly. Honestly if you can forge demons any weapon should be a piece of cake.

Curse of Darkness is the last of the two Ps2 Era Castlevania games, but this one wasn’t exclusive to the Ps2. It also was released on the Xbox, but missing some content (Not what you think it is). Much in the same way LoI was a beat-em up metroidvania, this doesn’t stray far from those roots. While this is a blind playthrough by me, I’ve noticed how linear this game is (And made mention in a few views about it) and that’s a bit disappointing. But never the less we shall persevere and explore some of the more unique mechanics in this game. Sadly exploring has seemed to be cut down drastically with paths leading themselves back around to other paths.

Updates will be Mondays, and maybe Fridays but I have calculus to deal with so that’s taking up more of my time and energy.


If needed anything I’ll post here

Checking IMDb, the voice actors for Hector and Overlord Zetta are the same person. Both are voiced by Crispin Freeman, who has been in just a boatload of stuff, including Metal Gear Rising (as Sundowner), Bayonetta 2 (as Balder), Overwatch (as Winston), as well as seemingly most times they need an Orlando Bloom soundalike (mostly Legolas and Will Turner).

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Oh that’s really cool! The only reason why I figured it was Zetta cause I played that recently trying to get sound clips from the game.

Nobody can defeat Hector and his Stand, 『Sympathy for the Devil』.
So while the forging of both weapons and demons really helped add some variety that Lament of Innocence lacked, the improved camera is one of my favorite changes.

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Honestly I liked the active item system where the game doesn’t really pause. Considering how far I’ve gotten (got a backlog) that some of Lament is better than here but the overall uniqueness of the enemies and all that really make Curse just a better game in general.

The blood thirst rises

In this episode we become the mother fucking god hand. That’s right! Kicking people’s asses into the milky way. Initially I was going to just put a title in here, but considering this Therapeutic Chair thing… It seems too good to not use.

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- Yes I’m trying to find the most Castlevania font ever.

So that’s right! It’s our first bossfight. The boss comes with some surprises. Not less of which is it’s a two stage boss fight. As well as getting a new friend to have fun with.

Also we find out there’s more than 1 attack button (At the VERY END) so there is that. But expect the fights to look a bit more flashier from here on in.

Stealing hearts and other things for justice

So this is it! The dreaded episode where I lost my audio and had to redo everything. I hate doing this because unless I’ve played the game before I always feel really awkward in post since doing a game blind I just kinda fuck up a lot. I hope you all enjoy it! We learn steal and a lot of my thoughts bout steal were lost to the eather.

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Wyvern you doing this to me?

So there’s a lot that happens in this episode. One we fight our second boss! We finally find our first secret, which I’m sure I’ve missed tons before and our minion evolves into something super cool (Not Fairy)

So, fun fact: you can actually jump on to the Wyvern’s back when he buries his head in the ground. If you do that, he takes off and you can attack him freely while you’re up there, and I don’t think he attacks you back. You’ll eventually fall off, though, either due to wind or Wyvern getting fed up with your shit and tossing you off. You don’t get hurt on the landing, which is nice.

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What the hell? Really?!?! Damn, things you never know.

Veins for the Vein gods!

So the video quality might be a bit bad, and I’m not sure why or how that happened. So we’re exploring the castle in this one and getting tons of items from stealing which is kind of cool. It’s great that these guys tend to have easy steal windows. Still haven’t learned about the auto correcting ways of the steal and won’t for a bit.

The week early video is still being edited so for those waiting on that I’m sorry too. Pre-calculus has been killing me and a lot of the time I would spend on editing and everything has gone into straight studying and hoping I don’t fail. couldn’t think of a clever thing to say for the video title so I’m just going with the theme which seemed to be Holy veins.

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Another Boss Fight?

That’s right boys and girls! It’s your favorite Belmont here to grace us with his presence in an interesting bossfight. I’m almost 100% sure that once we beat the game we can get access to him as a second playable character, as Castlevania games are often want to do.

Also there’s 2 more videos before I stop being a complete moron so of-course look forward to those. Since I failed Pre-calc I have time to record some more videos and next week’s is up for early access if you know where to find it.

Run Batted In

So holy crap! I forgot what day it was today. Sorry for the delay everyone. I was really preoccupied by getting a costume which Spirit didn’t have anymore. And then hating derivatives in Calculus 1 because I’m a dumb and not understanding what they want. So overall a good day!

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So I’m officially done being a complete dumb! That’s right! After these episodes I’ve taken some of your guy’s advice and been able to even get things from bosses this time. Which is sorta exciting I guess. We even get new companions in the future. So it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Once again math has been taking the majority of my time. So next week’s episode isn’t even edited together yet. I’ve also been noticing the way I sync my videos has been failing me recently and though you all haven’t noticed… I’ve been going back through post and making sure the commentary lines up to where I think it was supposed to.

Hector is here to clean up the damned. And I’m glad he’s a gigantic nerd and fights with a broom in as cool a manner as he’s able.

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You better believe it! It’s the best dumbest weapon ever and I love it.

This boss sure is fishy

So we get a few different things! We fight a boss and get to actually steal from them. Learning that you all just aren’t lying to my ass about that. AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT TAKES FOREVER! Also we get a new pokemon. So that’s always a good thing. A flying type that knows drill peck and everything.

Things are probably going to slow down cause I’ve been having some bad breakdowns as of late. So my motivation is at an all time low and really hating myself for this which fuels the earlier states. EITHER WAY! We shall persevere.

Disco Heat

We found a shortcut today! Back to the first level. Honestly there’s not much to be shown in this video. It’s just progress, finding a shortcut and then (Cutting) running back. I do believe our fairy finally gets a new spell which is nice.