A Video Game Music Thread??? Maybe??????


I am contractually obligated to include the Angry Bowser in any thread about game music


Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I think out of all the games in the series Paper Mario 64 has the best soundtrack. It’s so pure.


Been in an weird nostalgic mood.


Lost Eden, my dudes!

gutted that Stephane Picq hasn’t stuck around to make video game music.


Despite it being an awful game, I enjoy the music f megaman X6, like these 2 songs

Also do music games count? Because I like the music from Deemo and Cytus


Big fan of how Receive You has evolved over the Yakuza series. I believe these are all Hidenori Shouji compositions.



Mother inspired indie RPGs always have incredible soundtracks, for some reason.

(This one wasn’t composed for the game)


I love, love, love music from Falcom games. Wanderers from Ys for the Genesis was my first, and it probably remains my sentimental favorite soundtrack (even if the game is lukewarm garbage). Here’re my favorite tracks from the special edition Sharp X68000 release:


I freaking love Shinji Hosoe’s work on the Zero Escape games, even if he remixes tracks from the previous games. Some of the escape room tracks have gotten me through so many late-night papers. Though if I had to pick a favorite track from each game…


Phantom Crash was a really good game with a great soundtrack and it’s a shame it’s so obscure.


I judge this thread to be severely lacking in Monster Hunter


Does licensed music used in video games count? Because Hotline Miami probably has one of the tightest and most concise OSTs out there.



As for original compositions, Akari Goddamned Yamaoka is the man. Even his work on the less-than-stellar Silent Hill games is amazing. (And he managed to get a song titled The Last Mariachi onto the soundtrack for a horror game, which is an achievement on itself)



Original music in racing/driving games is extremely my shit. You don’t need to license any music if your original stuff is good enough.


People don’t talk about the Guacamelee! soundtrack enough.

Furi had great music too.

Shantae also!

And here’s a Final Fantasy XV song that is probably my favourite battle theme in that whole series. Chorus starts about one minute in and it’s just soooooooo good.


OP made me gasp real loud, because I love FM music too. :heart: Streets of Rage as a whole pretty much rules for this:

I also love it when FM gets used in modern game soundtracks, like so:

Most of this is Yuzo Koshiro for a good reason. And, a little extra Corpse Party appreciation.


I usually spend my free time listening to OSTs on YouTube of games I’ve beaten, then put my favorites in a YouTube playlist that I listen through on shuffle when I work. I also have a spreadsheet list of all the songs in case a video is suddenly deleted/privated/copyright claimed (you know how finicky YouTube is), which makes it easy to replace them if they’re gone.

Instead of posting specific favorites, I’m just gonna post the entire playlist for you to browse through and judge my bad taste in video games and musics. :toot:

(seems that embedded playlists only show the first 200 videos? eh, just click video title to go to YouTube and see the entire thing)

To properly randomize my YouTube Playlists I use this site. To randomize my playlist search for “TrenArvis” in username and select “VGM Mixtape”

It’s currently at 570+ videos, and will continually grow as I listen to more OSTs. I’ll probably listen through the Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes soundtrack today.


I purposely tried to avoid Silent Hill as I could quite literally go on for hours about each entry’s soundtracks. I just love Akira’s work and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s singing is PHENOMENAL in EVERY SONG. I love the balance of emotion and rock that many of her songs had.

First up is the song to kick her off, You’re Not Here. It’s got such a good sound and the opening movie where it plays is amazing:

As bad as Homecoming is it’s OST is still top notch. I love how One More Soul To The Call is literally spoiling the entire plot:

And to give two not as rock-y songs there’s Always On My Mind and Now We’re Free(Both great songs on bad games, especially the later)

Now to give some shout outs to my favorite non-vocals:

This has to take first place as masterpieces within a masterpiece, Promise and Theme of Laura:

Now to get some Silent Hill 3 in there with Innocent Moon, Prayer, and Dance With Night Wing:

And let’s finish up with some of The Room’s best tracks, the strangely beautiful by the end Remodeling and the fantastical Nightmarish Waltz:

And to the no one who made it this far, I leave with this track from SH1, my favorite in the series:


I assume music from mobile rhythm games counts as game music, so here are some songs I really like from those:

I’ve found some people who’s music I really like thanks to these type of games


I haven’t actually played Killer Instinct, but after beating the new Doom I decided to go back and listen to some of tracks that Mick Gordon worked on for it.


This thread could use a chill golf jam.