A Podcast About Space Lasers - Let's Play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel



Wow Lilith really sucks.


I’m really, really glad after all the months of the extremely reasonable “man, you guys are being too hard on Lilith” and our “no no, please just wait”, we’re finally at the “oh wow okay fuck this she sucks” point.


Claptrap is great though.


Handsome Jack is literally all her fault. If she hadn’t punched his stupid ass face he’d just be another power hungry bureaucrat. Instead he’s a super villain with a grudge the size of a planet. She even deadass GAVE HIM HIS NICKNAME OF “HANDSOME”.


panzer and i think the framing device of the plot is handled really well in TVHM, so let’s take a quick look at that, shall we? i also want to show off my favorite vault hunter-- handsome jack!

Episode #19: Tiny Tick’s Story Time

EDIT: also! now that i’m playing as Jack, i’ve finally added all the characters to the OP! yay!


Tiny Tina and Brick have so much fun together. I like them a lot more than Lilith, this is a good change.


Well, Tim’s got an interesting set of characteristics. A shame that right hand tree doesn’t really do…much with his ability, but it also seems Co-Op friendly as well. Though the middle tree works better for that if Aurelia is around.


ok folks, hear me out:

what if instead of the game being extremely bad, this time the reason the video sucks is because panzer and i utterly fail to plan anything in advance?

Episode #20: What’s Pre-Planning?


Quality bad plays.


Oh right, I need to do that dlc. Also maybe swap back to Normal Baby mode so I can actually finish it this century.

Also, I’ve been meaning to ask for a while but do you have to set the loot tables every time you boot cheat engine or is there a way to save them?


Episodes like this one are why I watch your stuff.

Why else was the message “Dick 52” if not to tease the fact that this is secretly a raid boss out of nowhere?


this video shows a little insight into how easy it is to save edit your game, plus we get to showcase our favorite weapon type in the game – glitch weapons!

Episode #21: It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature


Glitch weapons are the best thing, yes.


today panzer and i are playing everyone’s favorite borderlands – borderlands 1!

sort of

Episode #22: Deadly Jump Pads


I dunno if it’s good or bad that the game charfed it to the point of disillusionment in the bad sector. It makes sense in-universe but clearly wasn’t supposed to happen.


Even if it did end up killing you, I feel like it was worth it. Rocket jump glitches, especially when they happen by accident, are always fantastic.


I think you guys should learn to speed run this game so that when you get to the “DUHHHHHH” part, both you just fall on the fall laughing in front of a stream of 500k people for charity.

It world needs that.


in this episode, panzer and i can’t remember if the sidequests were worth doing or not so we did them anyway

they’re ok?

Episode #23: Reasons We Love Claptrap


So I distinctly remember the final challenge of Borderlands 1 being a fight against a Ninja Claptrap. I…take it the ominous shadow motherfucker is related to that?

Panzer’s sneezes are fucking ADORABLE oh my god.


It has raid boss stats? THAT explains why the final boss of this DLC is such a goddamn nightmare when playing solo. On the bright side it proves that Glitch weapons are objectively the best thing in the game, as I couldn’t have taken said boss down without them.