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Hah. “How would you like to die” “next to a sexy lady in a hot place”

I mean Gaige is 14 or something so gross, but on the other hand…I suppose he did get what he wants.

The Hyperion Voice Over Lady is extremely Mood.


Youve watched so much of our content by now that surely u must realize: if kaubocks and I find it funny, it is completely inconsequential, has nothing to do with anything, and Not Funny at all.


Naw I mean I found it funny I was just like…is there more to this guy or is it just a weird environmental thing they added in?

Also the D3V-TRPs are adorable.


i almost forgot to post a video today, oops, here it is

Episode #14: Veins of Helios


I kinda like the shitty military font, stenciled on graffiti then Lost Legion use. It feels like something THEY would do.


didn’t forget to post this one, tho

Episode #15: Haunted Blood


seems not a lot of people are interested in the bad new areas or the bad sidequests? which i totally get. but boy if you thought you were going to be interested in the bad final stretch of the plot, you might want to sit down for this one

Episode #16: Destroyer of the Eye


I mean I thought the tiny baby final boss was cool, but…yeah, yeah.

Anyway time to strap in and watch this final stretch.

…so, is there a REASON you only shot two of the three things you needed to destroy and the game was okay with that?

What…is morally gray about taking the eyeball of a semi-immortal mindless beast that’s otherwise dead and attaching it to a firing mechanism, exactly?

I feel like it was supposed to be Axton and Maya in this game and not Lilith and Roland. How the fuck did they make Lilith’s entire motivation for this flashback “what happened on the moon???” and then have her involved in literally almost all of it. The answer to her question is “Jack got his face fucked up” that’s literally it. She knows everything else!


don’t worry, she’s involved in that too

EDIT: also

lmfao i didn’t even notice uhhhhh i think it didn’t count the first one we shot to introduce us to the quest


During his tantrum Jack sounds a little bit like Murderface from Metalocalypse.


As a writer, this bothers me immensely. Does Australia just not have continuity managers?


Maybe Borderlands 3 will have Lilith struggling with early onset dementia?


I’m pretty sure Moxxi had a line saying that you only need to do two out of three to do the thing, so I’m sure the game design reason is to give you three different types of timing challenges with the option of skipping one if it’s too tricky.


we’re almost there folks, this is the penultimate episode (before we delve into DLC)

the only thing standing between us and the end of the game is several hundred waves of enemies, lots of aliens, huge maps, a poorly designed boss fight, and a totally pointless mario reference

i’m sorry if it sounds like i’m tired of pre-sequel. if that’s how i come across, it’s because i am

Episode #17: Combat Fatigue


Doesn’t Borderlands 2 have an equally eyeroll-inducing section section except about Minecraft and hopefully less tedious?


It would have been amazing if you guys just switched over to SVEN for the easteregg.


I think it’s more hearing Athena & co.'s side of the story for her little kangaroo court.


Yes to both, it’s in the uhhh… green toxic swampy area down in the Sanctuary crater. I think we talked about finding it and then didn’t care, it’s seriously just like one easter egg room that gives you a special blocky minecraft head for each character.


well, they charfed just about the entire plot up until now, but i have faith that they’ll stick the landing with the ending

Episode #18: Let’s Do Guns

that’s the base game, folks! after this, panzer and i will be tackling the only DLC for this game-- Claptastic Voyage! it’s actually pretty good? sort of? it’s hard to explain, you’ll have to see it for yourself


So…that was fucking stupid.

Like seriously, all they had to do was make Roland and Lilith be Axton and Maya and things would be Okay and Not Bad. I do think they’re going for “Lilith is a bad guy actually” because she’s too fucking stupidly written here to NOT be. Because seriously.

But yeah that was actually just bad. The final boss seemed reasonable though, once you got to the second form anyway.