A Podcast About Space Lasers - Let's Play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel



kanye west he likes
fingers in his ass


Never forget: Game developers are the enemy, and we should always interpret everything they do in the worst possible light.


I…I meant in universe. I mean that they, in writing, went “oh absolutely he’d be like this”. It was a compliment.


i hope you guys like being locked in a room with unskippable dialogue

Episode #9: One Weird Elevator


A thought. Since you had the car up on that floor where the train door is…couldn’t you have gotten into the car, moved to that transition door, and hit it so you’d take the car with you on the train?

I mean let’s be fair, a speedrun of a FPS RPG would be boring as fuck for the people watching as well.


Basically, some of the transitions are programmed to allow you to take a vehicle through and some aren’t, IIRC. The train station, being a place that the devs probably never intended you to take a car through, is most likely the latter. The car would just disappear during the loading screen.


I’ve done something that might bring a curse upon us all





Wouldn’t loot randomization make a speed run extremely variable?


hey folks, you may or may not have heard the recent news about someone panzer and i like to make fun of in our vids

welllllll panzer and i are gonnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


publish more videos of this for the time being

which isn’t to say we’re cancelling the LP, just uhhhhhh we’re gonna sidestep this a bit and come back to it a bit later next week or so when there isn’t a blisteringly hot impact crater around the gearbox name

at least let the roaring dumpster fire burn itself down to a moderate fire first ya dig?


Yikes, just checked what you’re talking about and those are some serious allegations going down.

I can understand wanting to step back for a bit until the fires die down, so no worries - this is my first time commenting anywhere other than on one of the videos directly, but I for one can wait. With all the cheating you’re doing to make it more fun to play and watch, I can tell you take the duty to make the LP entertaining seriously, and drama such as what’s going on is not entertaining.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is take as much of a break from this as you feel you should, I’ll wait.


i don’t really know what to say in this post wherein we publish a new video. i don’t want to treat it like a celebration that we’re back at it, because it shouldn’t be one. i also don’t want to act as though we’re glad the conversation has died down, because we both hope the truth comes to light and that ultimately nobody was harmed by anyone’s actions, and if anyone was then that the perpetrators are punished accordingly

we didn’t want to post videos for a bit there because it would have been in bad taste. but we don’t want to cancel the videos or streams because… well, they’re not good games, but we like them, and ultimately they’re a vision of more than just one dumbass even if they’re the most public face.

so, we’re gonna keep on trucking on, with a reminder that all videos from now until the end of the game were recorded before the new year, so if we make fun of Randy at any point it’s because none of this had happened yet. we will not be bringing him up again later, that’s for sure.

Episode #10: Let’s Build a Robot Army


Here’s the thing. Regardless of how true the allegations are, it’s pretty established that Pitchford was a shitty rich creep in the way that rich folks tend to be. He’s a multi-millionaire and probably will still be after the legal stuff is settled So, neither you nor Panzer nor anyone else should feel bad about dunking on him.

I’m glad the LP is back though!


Never seen that happen before. Good call on throwing a couple of Quasars there.


if you like long, unfunny sidequests; pointless easter eggs; and complaining about completely different video games, then this video might be for you (if you ignore the ten minute preamble where we wander around concordia doing nothing)

Episode #11: Light Buzzass


that is specifically the content i crave for when i am eating dinner, yes


after borderlands 2, all anyone wanted from any of the DLC was to go to Helios

well, we’re here now

it’s about the same level of quality of the rest of this god damn game

Episode #12: Helios Assault


Thank god for the latest update reminding me I never got the 4th SDU. Apparently due to I was using like an old version of the community patch somehow that shifted SDUs around to before I started using the patch. Gotta love troubleshooting.


I’m really glad you got rid of the flame bazooka, the fact that it was a hitscan weapon was super weird and the explosion was really piddly. That ice launcher is…way cooler.

Athena just flat out going “This is my quest item” is comedy gold. An entirely straight (comedy wise) character in Borderlands is important, and I’m glad that she’s it.

Is…is there anything else with Light Buzzass or is that just a random Thing in the game?


in my opinion this episode has the densest amount of funny characters and sidequests, so come get it while it’s hot!

Episode #13: Exit Through the Airlock

it’s just A Thing that happens