A Podcast About Space Lasers - Let's Play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel



With the talk of Borderlands 3, I just picture Randy Pitchford sitting on mountains of money watching LPers be bad at his game and going “Delay it another year. They’re not ready.”


He’s probably afraid Blizzard will steal his thunder again.


Just when Randy thinks it’s safe, BOOM, Blizzard will reveal that Diablo 4 is actually a co-op FPS RPG with a new “gazillion random weapons” mechanic.


And it’ll still be a phone game.


Well then he’ll have a chance.


well just had a bit of a lousy day doing nothing but traveling on planes and buses so let’s celebrate with frankly one of the worst quests in the series

Episode #7: The Pickle Part


Wow, that guy really just sounds like Junkrat.


I absolutely get your point on the Kraggong = quest design thing. The end goal of “cross the bridge” is a little lame, and it honestly feels like it should of ticked off once you got to the pumpkin gun guy (though it turns out that WASN’T the Drakensburg so…weird). But I don’t…really believe Borderlands 2 is any better about this. It’s better about presenting it sure, but it’s the same. There’s a reason you skipped the entire end game area entirely, not just barely doing anything in the blight but also making use of the explicit “skip to final boss” button.

I also…don’t understand what’s wrong with Pickle?

Actually that dude who ragdolled into space was killed by Kaubock’s shield. Sorry Panzer!


eridium blight isn’t good, and neither is the fact that the whole reason you go to sawtooth cauldron is to lower a bridge in the blight, but also we were like 30 episodes deep into BL2 before we even hit that stretch and then the game is over shortly after that

presequel we’re only a handful in and you’re going to realize that damn near every quest from here on out has some equivalent going “oh oops the door is locked” whenever we try to do anything


If they allowed you to sequence break, like when you tried to use the control panel before going to the bridge, would it be fine?


Hmm okay, let me try and break down why the Pickle section is so bad. I think one big part of what makes it feel so terrible is something that y’all as an audience are missing out on here. Kaubocks and I already know where each objective is going to be, and the fastest route to get to each thing, because we’ve done this seven billion times. However, if this is the first time you’re here, each step becomes like a furthering punchline in a shitty joke.

You have to cross the entire map once just to get to the bridge in the first place, which really makes the initial “you can’t cross now” thing feel like the rug being pulled out from under you in a mean way. It’s not a fast map to travel across if you’re new. Then each additional thing feels like a growing COME ONNNNN JUST LET ME CROSS?? The real slap in the face is when it goes, "hey, you know what? Maybe the real objective was back at the other side of the map all along. Why don’t you figure out a fun way back, over there. :slight_smile: "

For us, experienced shit takers and Big Time Gun Cheaters, we already know what buttons to slam through and which way to go back, but when you’re new this is seriously like the worst feeling section. It just keeps teasing you with the solution to the quest in a way that feels Mean. To the post above mine, if they made it so we could sequence break a little, that would maybe make it feel better on subsequent playthroughs yeah. It definitely doesn’t make it Good though, since the worst part of it is the new player experience.

I honestly can’t think of a lot to compare it to in BL2 because even the out of the way absurd quest objectives at least sent you to new and interesting locations. I think? I’ve honestly already forgotten everything that happened in that game again.

Sorry that was words i just read these posts and got thinking about why it really Bugged the Shit out of me lmao. Also I hate Pickle for being the Gearbox Signature Unnecessary Child Genius Character Number 3 with his dumb rhyming cockney slang that doesn’t even make sense because everyone here is Australian not British!!! Fuck off Pickle!!! Don’t @ me!!!


Thanks for the reply! That makes a lot of sense, actually.

Also…Pickle is rhyming? I didn’t…notice that at all.


It’s like my least favorite form of slang: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhyming_slang

The article does mention it’s popular in Australia, but I’m calling bullshit on Pickle because he has a cockney accent and not an australian one.


Well, I mean it is Cockney Rhyming Slang apparently, so it may be that he’s only speaking cockney BECAUSE he’s Australian. Intentionally aping the accent to fit the thing he’s going for?

Not defending Pickle, just noting that it seems valid.

Also I read more of the article and fucking died what is this nonsense. This is illegal.


I got my first taste of rhyming slang in Dragon Quest VIII. “If I catch you tellin’ porkies, yer brown bread, y’hear?”


there’s only one type of humor i live for in this world

Episode #8: Literal Fart Jokes


I’m very afraid to look up what “Fingers in his ass Sunday” is


It involves this one weird lookin’ dude from Danganronpa 2 is all I know about it. I REALLY don’t get it, even knowing the entire context.

The very real and fantastic thing about internet cultures is that it’s literally near incomprehensible even if you have all the context because the speed at which it grows and evolves is so vast that at some point words stop meaning what you think they do. Think about stuffy old adults not getting that “oh man that’s sick” means “that’s cool”, but the reality is that it’s people who would absolutely understand what was going on, if only they were part of the community a few days earlier and managed to ride the diverging tidal wave of culture zeitgeist.

The best example (or at least, the only one that comes to mind since it’s 6 in the morning for me) is one time someone on another forum had a “The Stig” avatar. I had never seen Top Gear, so I asked who the cool car racer man was. Que a thousand people, for like a week, making nothing but The Stig Jokes. Not one person actually explained what he was and where he was from and every time I searched up what he WAS, because I’d never exhibited any interest in cars or car type media, I only ever got the joke results. So for about a week I was passively shunned from a community because I didn’t know who this fucking meme person was. Now imagine this on large scale, and that’s what the divergent internet communities are like.

What I’m saying is that if humanity every dies out, aliens are going to look at internet communities like we look at varying historical cultures.


But if Rhyming Slang is big in Australia too then he should just speak with an Australian accent and use the Australian version. I bet the placeholder dialogue used rhyming slang and when Gearbox was re-doing the dialogue they thought the character was supposed to be Cockney because Randy couldn’t be bothered to use wikipedia.


Intentionally aping the accent to be “more pure” is the exact sort of elitist nonense I could see someone who enjoys Cockney Rhyming Slang to do.

I’m all for “game bad” being the answer though, just trying to think of ways you could at least try to justify it.