A Mega Man X-ellent Roguelite - Let's Play 20XX



20XX is a 2017 side-scrolling action platformer by Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games that’s unafraid to admit it’s a total Mega Man X clone. They’ve smartly taken it in a different direction by restructuring the game as a Roguelike: if you die the run is over, level layouts are randomized, upgrades/weapons/armor found on each run are lost with death, and only upgrades bought at the hub are permanent. Some flexibility is given to make the game easier to approach: there are difficulty settings including an easy mode with lives, spikes and bottomless pits aren’t instadeath unless you select it as a handicap, etc. A frustrating pisser like Spelunky this ain’t, but it’s still going to expect some serious reaction time and multiple playthroughs before you even reach the final boss the first time. But all of that plus tight controls, an excellent chiptune soundtrack by Cityfires, and a lot of replay value add up to what was essentially the only great Mega Man game for years until 11 came out.

The story is such: You are blue, shooty girl Nina and red, slashy boy Ace (and maybe the DLC characters if you bought them), Action Contractors! Basically bot-killer mercenaries, hired by Dr.'s Flat and Sharp to save the city from a killer robot outbreak. A simple story given some complexity once you realize the Roguelike elements of the game are plot-relevant, and the doctors are not your friends.

The LP:
This is a thorough look at the game; not a 100% LP, but I will be completing the game on every difficulty at least once, and completing at least one run with each character including DLC characters Hawk and Draco. Rush Job and Multiplayer will get videos of their own, while the daily/weekly challenges will just be shown off briefly, since they’re basically just specific seeds that you might run normally anyway. Since there are so many augments you can unlock, I’m not worrying about buying all of them, and you’ll get to see many of them in the challenge modes anyway.
I’m also not worrying about the datalogs since everything’s already been archived on the obligatory wiki. Spoilers for absolutely everything ahoy.
I’m joined on this excursion by JigglyJacob, a fan of Mega Man whereas I’ve played jack shit. He will also be my multiplayer partner when we can get around to it.


Clearly the reason my first run failed was because it wasn’t hard enough.


Enjoying this one so far and looking forward to more!


If at first, second and third you don’t succeed, get pokey.


But what is normal for Nina, no one knows.


A rush in more ways than one. Lets, uh, just stick to one.


Look, to be fair to the thousand cuts blades, they’re actually extremely good at cutting down bosses. I honestly prefer them over the axe, if only because the axe has been the cause of several deaths due to me using the jump attack incorrectly.