Zodi Plays: The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (The Five Stages of Zelda-Game)

And so we find ourselves here, at Majora’s Mask. This Zelda retrospective like thing I’m doing has lead us down one many a road so far. Most of it fairly bumpy, as the DS tries so hard to provide the proper base for a Zelda game. But here, we return to something a bit smoother; another remake of an old N64 game, enhanced and for the better in almost every way. Which, ironically, is kind of what Majora’s Mask has always been. Ocarina of Time+, Ocarina of Time Hard Mode DLC, so on and so forth. Majora’s Mask took the excellent Ocarina, took what it had, and remixed it into something brilliant. Today we’re going to begin out journey with Majora’s Mask, stepping into the land of Termina and seeing what sights we will see.

As ever and always, updates are on Monday and Friday (as often as I can I’ve allowed myself some slipping as of late due to my life getting complicated for the better) and I would appreciate no spoilers for those who do not know what is to come. Which is unlikely to be anyone really, but better safe than sorry. So, without further adieu… let us begin.

Zodi Plays: The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask [1] Curses and Calamities

Video Length: 1:08:16

Extra long episode, because the texture of Majora’s Mask’s opening sort of necessitates completion, in my opinion. And as far as Zelda games go, it starts rather quickly, but also takes quite awhile to get going. The Skullkid curses us to be a Deku, and that locks us in Clocktown quite handily, as well as limits a lot of what we can do! It serves as a pretty good basic tutorial of How This Game Will Work, while not feeling quite so stifling as to be annoying.

The only real issue with it is that, even if you’re acting as though you don’t know exactly waht to do, it is quite easy to find yourself finished and ready to go to the first final confrontation with the Skullkid… and have maybe a day and a half left. Thankfully you do get shown the Scarecrow during all this so there are ways to skip ahead quickly, but it is entirely possible to not talk to the guy. It does mean there is a lot of waiting around in this first three days, and since it’s hard to get money and so many stores don’t serve Deku children, it means that your options are also fairly limited as it pertains to time passing. It tightens up this tutorial intro segment to make it harder to fail, but likewise makes sudden and powerful success all the more “… well what next?”.

But I think, ultimately, this is a good thing. It encourages those who wish to engage with the game to engage with it on a different way than typically expected. Namely, just kinda wandering around and seeing stuff happen as they happen. Majora’s Mask is a very schedule focused game and that can lead to some fun things happening depending on where you are. Happenstance can lead to unique gameplay experiences that I quite like (we got an example of that in this video, actually!). It also makes the looming threat of the Moon all the more palpable… after a certain point all you can do is wait and watch the big boy come down, closer and closer… with not a lot you can do about it but wait. It’s intimidating.

With that said, I hope you all enjoyed. Future videos will be shorter, by virtue of me not feeling it necessary for the flow of things to include it all, among other things. See you all next… time.

Once more, mask time!

Zodi Plays: The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask [2] When We’re Hylian

Video Length: 35:09

In this episode, we finally get our face healed, and begin our winding path through the world. Short description since I suddenly have to go as I am writing this, will say more later.

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Mask time! Onwards to swamp!

Zodi Plays: The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask [3] Swamp Adventures

Video Length: 37:26

In this episode, we some side quests firmly know about and some masks less firmly attached to our face, lets get going to the first actual area of the game; the Great Swamp! We’ve got Dekus, we’ve got swamp monkies, and we’ve got the existential dread of all these lives hanging over us. Fun times!

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