Zodi Plays: Power Rangers The Movie (The good Genesis one no one knows about)

Let me tell you a thing or two about nostalgia. Many moons ago, when I lived in Edmonton with my Grandma, we had an old Sega Genesis. This was my first video game console. We weren’t super well off or anything, so we only had four games for it. My favorite was from Sega’s all time classic video game series, Sonic the Hedgehog. I beat that game, I think I may of beat it twice in the years after I moved (I don’t remember I was like four). That game was Sonic Spinball. In retrospect maybe that’s why I don’t like classic Sonic games. But importantly at the time I was also, understandably as I was a small child, super into Power Rangers. So we also had this; Power Rangers The Movie. Now, for those of you who know a thing or two about the videos and the games, you’ll know that there are multiple versions of this game, across many systems. I’ve never seen anyone LP the version I had and all the ones I’ve seen be LPed are INHERENTLY INFERIOR IN EVERY RESPECT. And this isn’t nostalgia talking. So today I bring you, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers The Movie The Game. It’s not a perfect game. In all honesty it’s not a very good game either. But it’s fun, it’s something from my past I love, and I want to share it with you. So let’s get going. THE POWER…IS ON!

Zodi Plays: Power Rangers The Movie [1] Gooboys

Video Length: 8:16

A quick primer for those of you who care about my stuff but don’t like the Power Rangers for some reason. Big ole alien technowizard awakens on Earth after his rude cackling witch mortal enemy wakes up on the moon. After ten thousand years I’m free time to etc etc. He asks his doof robot to get him some sick nasty teens to use the ultimate power of dinosaurs to beat up her monster. Instead he gets the most milquetoast teenagers, who’d be made fun of on Degrassi High for being too uptight (this is something the modern movie fixed in SPADES and it’s wonderful). So our heroes get their powers and they beat up the monsters and become heroes, waging giant dinosaur robot war through vast swathes of Angel Groves abandoned warehouse district. Super sentai shows are weird. In reality, Mr Saban (yes it’s a name, not a company, though he did name his company after himself) came up with a rather ingenious idea. Buy the rights to a Japanese live action show…and film new parts in English, and just use the stock footage to make a complete episode. Not as much work was needed, and he could basically do whatever as long as he had the stock and was creative enough. This actually worked really well. Well enough to make constructing west side version of the props was a good idea, asking the original Japanese crew to make new footage with stuff they had, and as we can see from the title of this game…to make their own feature length movie.

And that’s where we begin! Ivan Ooze, an evil goopy wizard who cracks jokes about the black plague and the Brady Bunch Reunion being as evil as each other, has been freed due to poor land development planning. Ooops! This planet concurring wizard and his army of ooze created dreadlock warriors are gonna take over the city and destroy all the adults and then take over the world. So uh…we should stop that. This first level is detailing that, and is the first difference between the movie and game. The first fight scene against the Ooozemen is at night, and they never meet ole purple Ivan in it like they do here (which is good because in game we get our face kicked in). Ivan destroys the command center, taking out our heroes wizard mentor and generally causing trouble. Then the next like hour and ten minutes of the movie plays out in cutscene because, as good as this game IS (which is only slightly) it’s not good enough to think that having our heroes fight tengu men and gargoyle monsters would be a fun bit of gameplay. It’s really weird and only just now has it occurred to me that this is such a missed opportunity.

Plot stuff aside because for some reason I care about it, let’s talk mechanics. This is a pretty simple 2D but on a fully movable 3D plane beat em up. It being on the Genesis, it’s as simple as it gets. The other games in this sort of loop are all single lane or dual lane beat em ups and they suck. Unlike the other games, each character has…while not their own unique moveset, they DO have different animations for their moves (which actually effects things!) and different charge attacks. Adam, the Black Ranger that we start off today with, using a big ole axe that is also a gun, so his combo attack and dash attack have a kind of wide arc to it, and his charge attack is a big ole blasty gun. Who says I’m not a fan of stupid TV shows that have weapons that shouldn’t be guns but are? Grabs are performed by walking into the enemy, so you’ll often be grabbing enemies by mistake and that’s kind of bad especially given the Genesis has like six buttons on the standard controller (I know some didn’t but there’s still like a button or two that just isn’t used in this one). The final mechanical thing worth mentioning here is the super attack, a sort of bomb for the game to use shmup terms. It damages you a bit if it hits, but does a lot of damage and hits on both sides of you. I like that it’s the “HIYEAH!” spin kick thing they do, but I wish each character had a unique one to just up that factor of the game.

One final note that I bring up in video worth mentioning here. Unlike the other Power Ranger The Movie games, this one takes the time to actually edit each sprite to make it look like the character! All the others I’ve seen just change the colour of the Red Ranger, for everyone but the White Ranger who gets his special armour pads. This game modifies each helmet slightly to be accurate, gives the Pink Ranger her skirt, and while Yellow doesn’t get a skirt, she does hold her fists differently and I believe has some more feminine body animation with her attacks. This might not seem like a lot but this was the Genesis era man, this is actually a big deal.

So yeah, that’s episode one. I don’t imagine many people are going to enjoy this quite the way I am, but that’s fine. This is for me. Hope you all enjoyed though!

I rented this as a kid once! I didn’t get very far, so I’m excited to see what the game had to offer. Power Rangers was my jam

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Heck yeah shared memories. Hearing this is gonna be one of my favorite things for this, I think.

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It’s time for more goopfightin’!

[B][URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlEEpdcXTGI”]Zodi Plays: Power Rangers The Movie [2] Goopy Insect Robots[/URL][/B]

[B]Video Length: 11:11[/B]

Seeing as how we’ve burned through the entire first half of the movie, it’s time to speed along to the end! Our heroes arrive after gaining the special ninja power that doesn’t actually change their outfits in anyway but does give them new Ninjazords, and fight their way through the streets of Angel Grove. This level is the longest and perhaps least good of the game, though it has have an interesting gimmick in that the bottom half of the stage has cars occasionally drive by that’ll hurt whoever it hits. There’s also some fancy patterns with the Oozemen, but nothing overly compelling. What is compelling is that it occurs to me that I use the same Power Ranger for each stage in an unending chain. Which I find it just kind of neat.

Anyway, the real meat and potatoes of this video is the ending! We beat the stage, but now it’s time for a boss fight against Ivan Ooze’s terrible goo based robots, the Hornitron and Scorpitron! We get to choose a Zord to play as, and we’ll be playing as the Falconzord. Zord combat works a lot like foot combat, except it’s only against a boss enemy. Your dash is now a short range charge attack, your combo is a little more impressive due to being a giant robot, along with your charge attack. The special attack that takes HP is also not a spin kick but instead another super move that the Zord can do, which is pretty cool. Something I FORGOT to mention is that instead of jumping, the jump button makes you guard! This is pretty useful…though given how suddenly the enemies grab you, not 100% effective. We wage a pretty efficient war against the robots with our Falconzord, but the Hornitron escapes! We do manage to destroy the Scorpitron, however.

And that ends the stage, where in we enter the…very weird part of the game. We have like, ten percent of the movie left, and they didn’t know what to do for content. So…it’s time to flashback for three entire stages worth of content! We get a brief look at the introduction of Lord Zed, the primary Power Rangers antagonist, as well as see the infamous moment were Tommy becomes the White Ranger after losing the power of the evil Green Ranger. Next time, we’ll actually just dive right into the episode where this happens, so see you guys then. As always, hope you enjoyed this hot mess.

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Slight delay because a cat fell asleep on me. You know how these things work.

[B][URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6vKSeg0jF8”]Zodi Plays: Power Rangers The Movie [3] Putty Power Play[/URL][/B]

[B]Video Length: 7:48[/B]

In this episode, seeing as how last time we left off with like 10% of then actual film this game is about left, we head into flashback territory! Specifically, back to the episode White Light, where in Lord Zedd showed up with his super powered Z Putties (that are not actually in anyway stronger and in fact weaker due to having an obvious weak point target on the chest) and wrecked the Ranger’s command center. Some stuff happened, the evil Green Ranger Tommy got turned into the White Ranger, and now it’s time for him to kick some butt. I always use him for this stage due to that bit of story, which is good because mechanically he’s a pretty good Ranger. His charge sends an explosion out across the ground, and his dash/four hit combo swing has quite a long reach.

This stage introduces the Z Putties, the upgraded form of then Putty Patrol that are the main mooks of the villains in then show proper. They can punch you, they can dodge around surprisingly well, and they have a delayed jump kick that always seems to fake me out. They’re not overly strong, however, and most can’t even take a single punch. The real threats are the bosses, Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel and her sisters, AC and DC. Or if you’re from the Sentai, Lady Ring and her sisters Lady Necklace and Lady Earring. Or if you’re from this game…a strange combination of both. Scarlet Sentinel Ring, Necklace, and Earring, each a miniboss in their own right. Necklace and Earring have a sword attack, and Necklace can throw out flaming necklaces. Ear can grab you with her hair, making her the most annoying, but she has the least health. Ring is the leader and attacks with a staff, and has a small variety of magical fire attacks to keep you at a distance, making her the strongest. Throughout the stage we fight them one on one, before fighting them all together…and once they’re defeated, they get grown by Lord Zedd’s magical grow large grenade and it’s time for a Zord fight!

Since this is a flashback, we get different zords! We’ll be taking the White Tigerzord out to fight these nimrods. It’s got a sword, it’s screen clearing attack is a sword wave, and it’s charge attack is shooting a power orb. All in all, pretty cool. It’s dash attack is a shoulder charge which is also just cool. One thing about this fight is that since the zords just have a slower move speed than the Rangers, you’ll need to use your guard to really avoid getting stomped on. Of course, Ear’s got her hair grab to contend with, making blocking dangerous. Thankfully, as always, she goes down first. We kill all the monsters and save the day. Huzzah!

And then we switch over to the NEXT episode we’re flashing back to, The Power Transfer. Two lovable idiots get some people captured due to hijinks involving a baby carriage (seriously) and now we’ve got to explore a cave to fight a horrible monkey. But that’ll be for next time. See you all then!

Wow, no kidding, the flashbacks are completely random.

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Early update to avoid a late update. That’s then way this world works I guess.

[B][URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fpOwisVCkQ”]Zodi Plays: Power Rangers The Movie [4] Golden Monkey Cave[/URL][/B]

[B]Video Length: 9:49[/B]

Continuing this random adventure through Power Ranger tv show episodes, we’re now on the two parter “The Power Transfer”. When the contracts for the original Red, Black, and Yellow rangers came up for resigning, they decided they were done with the whole Power Ranger thing, and so their characters got sent away on a peace conference to talk about peace and love and stuff. Because these are teenagers with attitude, remember. This of course left the team half formed…which doesn’t actually work in game since all the rangers are still available to you. Oops! Regardless, the three people who’d become the new rangers got kidnapped by the second in command of the big bad evil wizard so it’s time for us to go into a cave to stop them.

Of note is that this is I believe then only stage where there is a chance to GET a Finish Bonus score wise, that you can also miss. Every other stage is either always going to be given to you, or NEVER going to be given to you. This is a very strange thing and I’m not 100% sure if it’s true, but given the amount of documentation on this game is less than Crystal Chronicles there’s no way for me to actually tell. That said I found this stage’s super special secret all my own so there’s that. You can smash some rocks to get a short cut through the stage, and eventually end up fighting the big bad Lord Zedd himself, though you don’t defeat him since this is like the middle of a season. We fight our way through the rest of his putties, and finally reach the boss.

Welcome to Goldar, the worst boss in the game. He is nearly impossible to combo, swings around a massive sword that you can barely avoid, immediately flies up into the sky where you can only hit him once (making it very difficult to actually deal damage to him quickly). He’s got a long range feather attack that does a lot of damage, and flies around like the crazy winged monkey he is. This is the WORST boss in the game, and[I] we have to fight him three times in a row.[/I] Twice in this stage, and once at the beginning of the stage on Friday! So yeah, this is a very awful boss, and is the lowest point of this game. Which is saying something since as much as I like this game, it’s not the best game in the world!

But, thankfully, we manage to beat up the stupid gold monkey man. We saved the kids, and they’re chosen to become Power Rangers! But first, we need to go to the Forbidden Planet to get the Power Sword to give them the power. See you guys next time where we do…not JUST that.

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Suddenly, a Power Rangers video appeared!

[B][URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQn5c0prGGU”]Zodi Plays: Power Rangers The Movie [5] [FINALE] Giant Flaming Rocks[/URL][/B]

[B]Video Length: 15:43[/B]

Surprise I did two stages this episode because the next LP is a Zelda and next Monday is the birthday of a friend who loves Zelda so we’re finishing this up today. Also to be fair the last two stages are so short they don’t really deserve their own videos. Starting us off is Stage 5, wherein we fight Goldar FOR THE THIRD TIME and then have a sort of endurance run through the Forbidden Planet as Lord Zedd destroys it with his battery powered death machine, Serpentera. All of this is in service of getting the Power Sword, that will allow the three non-Rangers to get their Ranger powers, completing the whole “Transfer” part of “The Power Transfer” this episode is based on. All in all, not a very difficult stage, especially after remembering that the Red Ranger has a charged sword uppercut that makes Goldar at least tolerable to fight. Somewhat annoyingly, I did well enough this stage to not die and I almost always die here and switch to Yellow. Sorry Trini and also Aisha, you don’t get any screen time today. Her charged attack is a swirl attack with her sai’s like Billy’s spear twirl.

After that, we finally return to the movie which has sub ten minutes left of content, and it’s time to fight Ivan Ooze (fused with the Hornitron) in the Ninja Megazord. Of the Zords in this game the Ninja Megazord is the least interesting in what it actually does, except for it’s dash attack which is a spin kick and thus amazing. Ivan is a really rough boss, effectively the Hornitron but stronger and with a second grab, and all of it’s attacks (especially that second grab) do a ton of damage. I always die during this boss fight without fail, though I aaalmost managed to not do so. After beating phase 1, you all fly off into space like in the movie. Unlike the movie you then land on the Moon which is on fire for reason and fight him again but the fight is identical to last the first one. He escapes AGAIN, and we get the movie finish where we kick him in the nuts and knock him into Haley’s Comet (seriously) because Haley’s Comet was arriving around the time this movie came out so every movie had to get it in some way. With Ooze dead the day is saved, and the best characters in all of Power Rangers plays us out with some comedy and a Genesis quality version of the Bulk and Skull theme. I love these idiot losers.

And that’s the LP. Power Rangers The Movie is definitely not a good game, but it’s the best Power Ranger game and I’ve played almost all of them. As a movie tie in game goes it is actually incredibly bad since half the game is devoted to NOT THE FILM and in fact to events in the show that basically contradict the movie? It’s weird. But the game looks really good, it has great sound design, and this is one of the few games where the Genesis’s super powerful but hard to use sound chip actually works in their favor. This music WANTS a kind of electronic feel to it, and the Genesis provides this. Over all, this has been just one giant nostalgia trip for me, and it did the job of “make me feel fresh and ready for more editing” perfectly, as the fact that I have like five A Taste Of videos in the wings will attest. All in all, this was a good time, and I’m actually surprised some of you even knew the game I was playing, which I hadn’t actually expected. So yeah. Power Rangers.

See you all Monday for the next Zelda LP. @moderators this thread is finished, though keep it open so people can post their final thoughts if they’d like.

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