XCOM 2: Aliens are Jerks; Part 2

XCOM 2 is a strategy game and the sequel to Firaxis Games’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown (later Enemy Within with the DLC). In Enemy Unknown, you try fending an alien invasion, whereas in XCOM 2 you already lost the war and are now operating as a guerilla group trying to retake Earth from the aliens.

A few questions to start this off:

  • Most triumphant moment in a campaign?

  • Most disastrous moment in a campaign?

  • Most favorite soldier?

Also don’t restrict yourself to just the vanilla game, talk or show off mods you have for your games (Long War 2 is gonna be a big one), strategies, stuff like that! :toot:

The most disastrous moment is definitely when you accidentally reveal a pod on your last movement for the turn, or they wander in during Alien Activity, and your whole squad is behind cover that’s facing the wrong direction.

I like the gimmick runs where you use a character pool based on friends or forum people, and it’s like a reality show where it’s super awkward if you accidentally get one of your pals killed.

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yeah screw those last turn pod encounters

ahh, maybe i should do a character pool for the lp.zone? it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try in my next campaign

I’ll bite the bullet on that one. I want to do an informal LP, and I didn’t get enough entries on my friends pool to properly populate the roster.

Here’s the spreadsheet for general descriptions:

I’ll also take character pool .bin submissions for people who don’t want to leave it up to my imagination lol

I’ll periodically update a character pool .bin file for the whole thing, and put it on dropbox or something.

Here’s the dropbox folder where I’ll keep the Character Pool file. I’ll keep up with version numbers as I add more people.

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Once had a Ranger that specialized in the sword who got caught by a Muton squad, led by one of the Centurions. He was found as he finished his last move, and the rest of my team was tied up fighting other aliens so he was all alone. What proceeded over the next few turns was him turning into a tornado of sword attacks, shotgun blasts and dodging until there was only the Centurion was left, and the rest of the party was rushing over to support him. At last, the Centurion was 1 sword slash away from death, and using the sword was the most accurate way to finish him, so why not?

Didn’t know that missing a Centurion with a melee will trigger his own melee and my Ranger died!

Good times.

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Most triumphant moment during a campaign pretty much has to be the time I completed a terror mission (normal difficulty) with only one civilian casualty. Somehow managed to stumble into all of the enemies right away and clear them out without anyone getting hurt. Basically I lucked out extremely hard, I don’t think any of my soldiers were hurt either.

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I added a dropbox link to my earlier post where the current version of the actual Character Pool binary will be kept.

Best moment is any time you get an Execution off on a powerful enemy like a Sectopod or a Gatekeeper.

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ahahaha. Have you been watching Jadestar’s LP? He killed the Archon King with an execution while it still had more than 100 HP. Guava Moment had to like take off his headset and leave the room, he was so mad.

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I wanna do a character pool thing too since I realized my current campaign will inevitably descend to hell soon