Wordse is Streaming Game Jam: Fun and Friendship only quality stuff

Hello me and several friends stream fun games on Thursdays and Mondays I put together a little schedule and have been looking to find games that are very strange or that I think have not had enough attention. This Jam is all about just having a good time with my pals but also we have played a lot of stuff I didn’t know was even out there!

I’ll be putting any VODs up hear in case you wanna see what we got to offer also when I go live I’ll be using the depository but for I guess larger announcements or collabs I’ll post it here

Oh boy more time to update- A big ol playlist to for you to see some remember me!

Bah getting better about posting:

A new stream series - Going through all of this cool tactics game.
Wintermoor Academy is a strange tale a school in the 1980s and a club of friends being forced into a shady competition.

Moor Wintermoor

I am pretty sure that being psychic makes you a ghost