Wind's after dinner tuesday streams.

Hello there folks. I’ve been streaming on Tuesdays in the evening after dinner for a few weeks now and it’s becoming a regular thing. Currently I’ve been streaming an iron run of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones with the Restoration Queen script edit.

now joining me in the streaming effort is @Arp1033.

Stream begins after dinner for me which is a bit variable, but generally speaking it will start somewhere between 6 and 7PM pacific.

Things are small time for me so for now the rules are simple, but generally don’t be stupid, don’t be a jerk and don’t be a creep. As a general standing rule unless given exception, please don’t post spoilers about whatever I happen to be streaming.

Oh yeah, despite my voice, I’m a lady. Please address me as such.

Stream Link:

Restoration Queen:


Game complete. Open to suggestions for next stream subject.

Sampling some games from the recent Humble Bundle this week in the event that anyone would like a first impression before getting it.