Which character portraits should I use?

Cross-posting from the SA Sandcastle, but I want to get additional feedback here since I plan to post the LP on both sites.

I need some advice on how to handle character portraits. I’m planning to do Paper Mario as a SSLP, which is kind of a pain for various reasons I’ll get into once I start the LP, but right now I’m stuck on character portraits. The main issue is that my best bet is using character sprites, but the sprites themselves have large size variations, which means if I do consistent portrait sizes like 64x64, there’s a lot of ugly blank space, but I can’t really go lower than that without doing some ugly resizing that throws scale right off. 50x50 helps with that, but it also means I have to resize the larger sprites such as Bowser, which can look rather ugly.

Mainly, I want to see which one people think look the best, or if there’s a better alternative I can go with (I’ve thrown around the idea of using other Mario game sprites, and I’ve even made very rough sprite edits for the game’s partners when I toyed with LPing this game several years ago, but I really don’t want to make special edits for each unique character model, such as the entire Goomba family so I’d rather avoid that option if possible).

This is kinda long so I posted all my options in the SSLP test poster.

Feedback is much appreciated!

64x64 left aligned looks best, IMO.

If you like, I can zip up all my portraits from my abandoned TTYD thread and upload them for you to look over and use.

Based on the feedback from @DoubleNegative and various comments from SA, I’m gonna go left-orientation, probably at 64x64.


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