What's the policy on multiple LPs of one game?

Hi there! I just got pointed to this forum by a couple of friends and I’m thinking of getting started. I’m a bit worried about the nature of the games I enjoy playing, as they tend to be sandbox-y affairs and roguelikes (and sometimes both, for instance Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead), which I tend to record as separate adventures based on how long I last before I eventually die and have to start a new character/world.

I’m also worried about the ages-old trouble of “I know this game inside-out but it’s already being LPed, or has already been LPed by someone else”, ahaha.

So to sum up my questions:

  1. How should I handle games that are very sandbox-y in nature and could benefit from multiple playthroughs/adventures/lives?

  2. What about games that are popular or have already been LPed? If I think I can bring a fresh perspective to a game should I go for it?

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Don’t worry about it. LP any game you want regardless of if it’s been done or not. Video games aren’t something you can claim as your territory. As long as you having fun making an LP then that’s all that matters.

Sweet, thanks for the response! Yeah, it’s something I’ve worried about when visiting other LP forums (including SA when I was a bit more frequent on there). I get too much performance anxiety when I feel like I’m not doing good enough, so I might actually even be able to finish more LPs here, haha.

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To answer your second question first, there’s no claiming games or whatever. There were periods where, on the board that spawned this one, there were multiple consecutive Dark Souls LPs going simultaneously. So no matter what game you want to show off, go for it. The important thing is that you’re enjoying what you’re doing, not finding some obscure game nobody has ever shown off.

As for the first question, it really depends on the game you’re doing. Binding of Isaac LPs that I’ve watched typically stick to each video being a single, successful run. Or, barring that, at least an entertaining failure. I’ve also read screenshot LPs of other roguelikes that keep the updates shorter, but focused on a single goal. For instance, a set of floors in Nethack, or a single dungeon in, I wanna say, ADOM.

So to make a long answer short, it’s the sort of thing you kind of have to feel out for yourself. You might start one approach and find that it works better another way entirely.

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