"What's the most you’ve ever lost on a coin toss?" - Fear and Hunger


What is this?
Fear & Hunger is a game that is a hybrid between a JRPG, survival horror and dungeon crawler developed by the Finnish game developer Miro Haverinen and released on Steam and itch.io on December 11, 2018. (Yeah, as you can tell, Finnis game developers do some very whacky stuff).
The game is made in RPG Maker MV and is very infamous for being absolutely cruel, merciless, unforgiving, horryfing and having a very dreadful atmosphere.

Why this game?
Now, even though i said all of that, i really love this game, probably one of the few horror games that i genuinely like and for being a very unique experience unlike anything else i played so far (It also helps that it almost never relies on cheap jumpscares at all), and as such, this is easily one of my favorite (if not my favorite) RPG maker games of all time, hell, probably even one of my favorite games in general, so i thought it would be nice to try to do an informative LP about this game, and because it offers some nice LP material lol.
With all that said though, im not gonna deny that this game quite rough around the edges. Some of the game mechanics are very questionably designed or don’t even work at all, the game is HORRIBLY OPTIMIZED to the point that it can sometimes run at around 2 or 3 FPS and possibly forcing a restart, a fuck-ton of crashes that trigger for no reason and tons of bugs and glitches.
Fortunately, the sequel got a LOT better in that aspect (Which i might do an LP of, who knows), and i still love this game despite all of that.
Also, something to keep in mind, this is my first time i’ve ever done an LP so my apologies if it’s a bit rough around the edges (Some feedback is appreciated).

Before you keep reading: THIS GAME IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART AND IS VERY NSFW. THE GAME HAS THEMES OF SELF-HARM, EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE AND VERY SENSITIVE TOPICS, SO WATCH BY YOUR OWN DISCRETION. Of course i’ll try to censor some of the most egregious parts and try my best to not break the nsfw rules, but still, don’t say i didn’t warn you.

What about spoilers?
While i already played this game a number of times, there might be some people that still haven’t so DON’T.

Table of contents
Part 1: Welcome to Fear & Hunger


Characters and party members

The first part of the playthrough is gonna come out soon don’t worry (Trying to see how all of this works yk).

Part 1: Welcome to Fear & Hunger!

Title Screen music: Fear & Hunger

It begins…

Ok so, every time you start a new run you have 4 characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
As you can see, this one is the mercenary, while he doesn’t specialize in combat, he can more than make up for it with some very useful utility skills like steal and lockpicking, he can use all types of weapons except blunt and the dagger, and has no equipment restrictions. Pretty much a very straight forward charachter that you can’t go wrong with.

The knight on the other hand, is more specialized in direct combat, meaning that she has some very good starting equipment that lets her tank and inflict damage pretty decently in the earlygame, as well as some pretty solid combat skills. While she doesn’t offer any utility options for exploration unlike the other characters (Besides one very odd exception that i’ll show in another update), she’s still not a bad character to go with.

The dark priest is pretty much the opposite of the knight, his offensive and defensive capabilities are the worst of all the 4 characters (He can only use swords and maces as weapons, as well as only light and medium armor for defense), but to make up for it, he can have some very good skills in the early game (one of those being absolutely crucial for hardmode), and become an absolute powerhouse if you know what you are doing, but with all that said, he’s probably not the type of character that i would really recommend for beginners.

And last but not least, probably my most favorite and the coolest one in therms of the character itself, Simon Bel…- i mean the Outlander.
Look at him, he looks so cool and badass, so he has to be the best character in the game right?..
Well… it really pains me to say this, but i have to admit, the Outlander is probably THE WORST PLAYABLE CHARACTER IN THE GAME.
While having a massive 40 attack stat is nice (With the others having 30), and having the ability to use marksmanship from the start, the rest is not very great. Almost every single one of his skills is either complete trash or just way too situational to be practical, his early game equipment is not that great, and just to put the icing in the cake, you can fuck yourself over without knowing if you pick a certain choice in the intro (I’ll talk about that in another occasion don’t worry).
Look, he’s not completely useless per say, is just that his earlygame is pretty rough and you pretty much have to rely a lot more on RNG compared to the other characters.
Oh and guess who picked him as his first character, and in Terror & Starvation no less…

Once you pick up a character, you need to put a name to it.
Something to note about that is that unlike most RPG Maker games, where you have to find and pick confirm to every single letter one by one, you can just tyoe on your keyboard just like you normally would, and you better keep that in mind if you don’t want to commit some very idiotic mistakes (like me).
So anyways, i decided to go with the name Cahara because its pretty much his canonical name and i suck at thinking some good names without being too cringe or goofy.

Once you put your name, the game puts this warning to you, just to reaffirm that this game is not gonna pull any punches and i wasn’t joking. Again, as i said before, i’ll try to censor most of the graphic stuff to not break the rules but still, if you can’t stomach the very dark themes this game has, i really recommend you to stop reading, there is absolutely no shame for doing that.
After that, some sort of intro starts to play.

The “easy” difficulty is Fear & hunger, where you don’t have to worry about torches that much, you don’t get food from barrels replaced by rotten food, enemies have less HP and deal less damage, some events and enemy encounters don’t appear and your chances of escaping enemy encounters are higher. While this may sound like it makes the game too easy due to the amount of advantages you get, trust me, the game will still be a massive asshole to you, specially if it’s your first time and don’t know what to do.

The “Normal” difficulty is pretty much where the game really gets sadistic, as you can already tell, the enemies have way more HP, deal more damage, some events, enemy encounters and traps can appear, torches become an absolute must-have (don’t bother exploring dark areas without those, trust me), all of the food from barrels have a chance to be rotten, and your chances of escaping enemy encounters are lower.

The hard difficulty. This is pretty much the same as Terror & starvation but with the added fun of NO LONGER HAVING THE ABILITY TO SAVE THE GAME, WHICH MEANS THAT YOU HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE THING IN ONE SITTING AND WITHOUT DYING, so yeah, if you got a random crash or a very nasty glitch you are basically fucked (and that happens VERY often), in adittion to some loot being replaced by nothing at all, you can only have ghouls and skeletons as party members, as well as having an ending exclusive to each character if you do some very especific stuff. I really don’t know if i’ll try the hardmode endings but don’t get your hopes up.
Oh and also, you can’t play this difficulty setting on your first run, you actually have to beat the game at least once.

Oh yeah, there’s also a fourth difficulty setting, well to be honest, it’s actually more of a secret game mode rather than an actual difficulty setting, and just like Hard mode, you can only unlock it by at least getting a single ending.

Of course being the crazy person that i am, i’ll go with Terror & Starvation.

If you pick No, the game skips the whole intro sequence, which i personally don’t recommend because you won’t have any control of whatever choices you’ll make for your character.

So, this is pretty much were the game lets you pick a choice which lets you have something for your your character depending on what you chose, so im just gonna list those for the sake of convenience (i think i’ll have to cover each character more in depth in the future).

  • Become a pickpocket: Gives you the Lockpicking skill.
  • Become a burglar: Gives you the Lockpicking skill.
  • Lead an honest life: Gives you 30 silver coins.

I’ll go with the burglar option.

  • Abandon your comrades: Gives you the Escape plan skill.
  • Fight to the last breath: Gives you 30 silver coins.

I’ll go with abandoning my comrades

  • Go drinking and get laid at the brothel: Gives you Mind healing items.
  • Stock up food for the mission: Gives you food items.
  • Stock up healing items for the mission: Gives you heal items
  • Rush straight for your mission: Gives you the Dash skill.

I’ll go with rushing straight.

Yeah, my saves are kind of a mess…
Oh well, i guess that’s it for now, im sorry if there was no actual gameplay but i promise that i’ll start playing the game for real in the next update.
For now… see ya later!