What'cha cooking or eating?

Life seemed to be conspiring against me being able to get treacle tart, so I opted to make my own.

(And by “make my own” I mean use a premade base because I lacked confidence in my baking ability and shut up)

Verdict: a bit too much lemon juice, possibly a bit too much ginger, still pretty good.

Tfw you’re eating a nice spicy curry and accidentally get a whole clove or cardamom pod in your bite.


My sister-in-law made me a cake for my birthday. It was really good.

We went out for Moroccan and I got chicken bastilla, which is pretty much chicken cake. It was really good.

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Totally just the Jenner Food Thread now, that’s okay. Ya’ll can still post here.

I grew up in poverty and have a soft spot for deep fried foods, my spouse is not a fan. I went to the bathroom at the diner and came back to this.

I love fried pickles and he hates them, but it doesn’t matter he got then for me. :heart:

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Today I lifted big, today I eat big:

For this I did a stir fry with chicken, garlic, broccoli crowns and eggs in rice noodles. Took about 15 minutes start to finish and overall cost maybe $16 for ingredients, which after cooking still left me with 2 chicken breasts, 4 eggs, 2 servings of noodles, like 15 cloves of garlic and 95% of a bottle of soy sauce, so it’s ideal for eating on a budget of both money and time


Wow that sounds simultaneously awful and awesome.

One of my goals this summer is to learn to make kimchi.

Anyone got any recipes/tips/horror stories for me?

I’ve been making some pizzas. Here’s some of the ones I’ve made recently

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Cheeseburger Pizza (Technically Turkey Burger)

Taco Pizza (with Corona and Lime pizza dough)

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

…I love me some pizza :smiley:


As a young 20-something that’s only recently begun living the Adult Life™ in the past few months, I quickly realized how much I don’t really know about cooking. However little you might think I knew starting out, divide that by like fifteen and you’ll probably be pretty close to how much I actually knew. Attempts to fix this have been, uh, ranging from “well this turned out pretty nicely” to “how the hell did I accidentally make onion pancakes”.

That said, tonight I made fried eggs and rice with a side of potatoes smothered in cheese, finally breaking the curse of always turning “fried eggs” into “very poorly scrambled eggs” (look. flipping things is hard). Damn if it isn’t basic, but at least it was tasty.

This is still baking in the mini toaster oven. God help me I hope I can bake it all thoroughly without burning the toppings…

I actually hear from lots of recipe sites that you should try using bread flour instead of regular all-purp flour for pizza if you want it to be more ‘oomph’. I want to try that as soon as I get rid of my stock of all-purpose, which will be gone… soon… sob

EDIT: and it’s done!! My sweet franken-monster pizza pie almost looks edible???

I decided to try for the first time making a rue for mac and cheese sauce last week, and I think I ended up creating perfection:

I decided to include my favorite base in a white sauce: sauteed shallots, pancetta and white wine, and it made all the difference in the world with this. I got super savory flavor with a little smokey bacony saltiness from the pancetta

I wrote down the recipe below (though I forgot to add the dash of Worcester sauce while seasoning the rue)