What the hell is a SCART cable? - It's the Retro Gaming thread

With modern games having their fancy graphics and plots, anyone else spend a majority of their gaming time playing games from olden times? Or have you ever wanted to get into retro gaming but didn’t know where to start?

Well, let’s talk about that here. Anything from trying games via emulators, applying translation patches, finding RGB cables, or anything of the like.

I recently got a SCART cable for my SNES so I can now play stuff looking real nice via my FrameMeister.

I’ve heard a lot about the FrameMeister. How has that been treating you? How much did it cost?

It’s been treating me pretty well!

Here’s one of my streams where I used it to play some Saturn stuff.

Paid a hefty price for it ($300), but it’s certainly kicking ass

Funny this pops up now, because I just finished Super Metroid for the first time this weekend. I missed out on it back in the day because we didn’t have a SNES. I eventually accumulated one at some point, and I got Super Metroid as a christmas gift from my girlfriend a few years back (before the cartridges went for ridiculous prices on ebay). I did play it when she got it for me, but never finished it. So last weekend I made the conscious effort to beat it, and I did. It was a really fun experience, the game is still absolutely excellent.

Fairly recently I got this idea in my head to get back into some old FPS games. If anyone’s up for a few rounds of multiplayer Duke 3D or Quake or something, let me know :smile:

I’ve been considering collecting an NES and/or Famicom lately, but the games I would want to play on it are so expensive I doubt I could justify it for myself. I do have a Super Nintendo and Super Famicom, though, which I primarily use for Battle Tetris and Yoshi’s Cookie, and I never got rid of my N64, even though a lot of the games I had for it have disappeared over years of moving around.

Super Metroid is an all time favorite3 of mine. I actually played a randomized rom a couple months ago and it was a pretty fun way to get something new out of a game I finished numerous times.

In any case, it’s a game that holds up wonderfully and I just love that it has some advanced mechanics such as wall jumping that you don’t need an upgrade for. I hate how a lot of modern games do wall jumps (gluing you to a wall and let you jump).

Super Metroid is probably my favorite SNES game.

Yeah, the wall jumps were fucking awesome. Took me quite a bit to wrap my head around it, but it was also interesting to figure out how to do it. This may be a strange comparison, but I got kind of the same feeling from parrying in Dark Souls. That also takes a while to figure out, but once you’ve got it, it’s just so fun to use.

I’ll definetely go back to Super Metroid at some point, because I haven’t 100%ed it yet, and I’d also like to get a better time. When I played it last weekend, I went the old school route and deliberately refrained from looking anything up apart from the game manual, because I really wanted the original experience. Took me a total of 11 hours to get through the game that way :smile: Although admittedly some of it was idle time.