What Happens When You Haven't Drawn in Ten Years...



…and then buy a tablet? You get this.

I used to draw all the time as a kid. My ambition was to become a cartoonist a’la Jim Davis, with the unfortunate downside being I wasn’t funny and didn’t draw very well. High school came around, and art class sapped all the fun out of drawing for me, so I stopped drawing for the last ten years.
However several of my friends and people I follow are artists, many of whom also share tutorials, hold art streams, etc. My mom also picked up painting. I found myself getting the itch to give drawing another shot. I did some nonsense on my 3DS before my gaming streams, and I thought I came up with some interesting pieces. Finally I bought a cheap Turcom tablet, and here we are.

Keep in mind I only just picked this back up, so I don’t yet have my own style (aside from the surreal stuff). I’m really just drawing whatever the hell.

See also: my 3DS horrors. Mild cartoon blood warning.

Diseased Test” - Something I drew to test the tablet. Based on something I drew before a 3DS live stream.

A Little Weird, You Say?” - Star Vs. the Forces of Evil fanart, surreal humor. Mostly made to get a handle on the characters’ details and head shapes. Perhaps relied too heavily on reference screenshots from the show.

Bill Mold” - Gravity Falls fanart, also kinda surreal humor(?). Inspired by someone on Discord suggesting I draw a potato, then someone else called them by their real name “Bill” but I thought they meant I should draw Bill Cipher, and that gave me the mental image of Bill and a potato. The result is more interesting than the story. Bill’s urging death on the potato.

Songs to Clear Rooms” - Possible future album cover, surreal. Started as a test of drawing eyes (the one on the head at the top. I started adding other details like a hard-flat-lined eye on the opposite, then the head turned into a kind of Picasso thing, then I just started building a pile of nonsense with odd-looking heads facing in the four cardinal directions, except the one facing west didn’t work and I instead traced my hand. The final image is color-inverted.
Perhaps inspired subconsciously by the cover art of Ro Sham Bo by the Grays.

The Echo Creek Journal” - Logo for my podcast, featuring me as Otis the Opossum from Star vs the Forces of Evil. The podcast started dedicated to the show, but I’ve since revamped it to be about general media. I don’t feel like changing the logo though. The background is a stock image of an old newspaper.

TheSlimehatNO!” - A version of my Let’s Play channel TheStrawhatNO!'s logo for my LP of Slime Rancher. Not traced at all but did use official game art as a reference and color palette and a lot of line/curved line/ellipses tools.


A sketch of Tom from Star Vs doing the Wallace and Gromit “Cheeeese!” gesture. Don’t like the result enough to finish it but I had he idea so I did it.


I’ve yet to mention, but I’ve been streaming me drawing these on my Twitch, and on there today I finished up another piece of SvtFoE fanart: Oskar growing his eyes and flying away:
Oskar Says Goodbye


Haven’t posted here (or really drawn much in the first place) in a while. I have done a couple new pieces for my projects, the logo for my podcast The Echo Creek Journal:

and a version of my LP channel TheStrawhatNO!'s logo for my upcoming Let’s Play of Slime Rancher: