What are you listening to? (another music thread)





Haven’t been able to get enough of Janelle Monáe since listening to these. :wario:


Been getting into Macross 82-99.


If you have two hours to kill, I definitely recommend this.



I’ve been listening to people that cover vocaloid songs for a good while. Revolver is one of the ones I’ve been getting into lately:

partly becuase youtube keep telling me that they’ve uploaded new stuff even though I’m not subscribed to their channe.

There’s also Eve, who composes and cover their own or other vocaloid songs. I love the artstyle on their songs and they are pretty good too!


The Coup (or to be more specific, their first two albums, Kill My Landlord and Genocide and Juice), which I suspect a lot of people are going to check out in the near future, considering all the praise Sorry To Bother You has been getting.


Seeing against me live this coming weekend at the stone pony so I’m like, in a mood, you know?



Here are some dang songs I’ve been listening to for the past month in no real particular order



I’ve currently listen to pretty much the same music for ages while training and Spotify’s suggestions are getting really bad.

Anybody have any good suggestions for gym music?


I don’t gym or exercise regularly but my go-to for whenever I’m doing some kind of physical stuff is usually power metal, or at least metal where it sounds like the lead guitarist ingested four double-A batteries before coming to the studio.

Some reccs off the top of my head:


Ah I absolutely don’t mean that like you gotta lift to be able to recommend something good. I just need something energetic.

Just like don’t recommend I listen to anything like Electric Youth or i’ll be sobbing in the corner of the gym.