What AM I fighting for? Let's Play Mega Man X4


The 4th installment in the…debatably good overall X series, X4 was the beginning of a new generation for the series. Making the jump to the Sega Saturn and the Playstation, X4 brings a shiny new coat of paint to its graphics, music, story and gameplay, all taken to the next level. Except the voice acting.

X4 I find to be up there with X1 as the best game in the series, thanks to its improvements over the divisive X3, the refined and frankly stunning visuals, and with it being the first game to have a fully playable Zero. No more being confined to sections of stages, Zero is fully playable from start to finish, complete with a much more aggressive, close range playstyle. Sure X is here too but who cares, look at the cool red guy with the sword!

This will be played on the Mega Man X Legacy Collection with both characters being showcased, with Zero as the main playthrough while X will be shown for his differences in the story and getting upgrades unique to him. Uploads will be three times a week, monday wednesday and friday.

Let’s begin.

Zero, you’ve been promoted to full character. Let’s have some fun. Oh and X is here too I guess.

The Mavericks thought they could hide in the internet. Jokes on them, I AM the Internet!


If you ever fight a walrus, tell it to shut up first. That’ll teach it.

Alright, it’s time. Ahem

Oh hey, Sigma’s here. Who could have seen that coming. @Admods This series is finished and ready for archival.

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