Welcome to The Reapers Game - Let's Play The World Ends With You: Final Remix

Calling. You hear a Calling. It’s The Reaper calling.

The World Ends With You. A strange little icon of a game that went from obscure, cult classic DS title to a beloved title that spawned an anime and sequel over a decade after its release. The game has gone through a lot, but still managed to perservere despite middling sales when it first appeared on the scene in 2008.
But thats not the only reason we’re playing this. This is one part revisiting a game I felt conflicted on in the past, another part to honor a former coworker of mine who sadly passed away earlier this year from a car accident. This was one of their favorite games and one of the first real conversations I had with them when I was getting used to the workspace. This Let’s Play was unplanned before the accident, and I hope to honor their memory with our visit to Shibuya. I hope you enjoy.

Welcome, to the Reapers Game.

Trust your partner. don’t kill them

Shiki, bless your heart. You haven’t been on the internet much have you?

Time for a taste test. Today’s dish, Pudding. OF YOUR DOOM

The dangers of having a fashion aficionado as your partner. They’re ALWAYS watching.

Reaper Creeper, thats what people call it. Why? I dunno.

New day, new drip. Get your red skull pins while you can!

Looks can be deceiving

You know what they say, birds of a feather, hunt Players together

It is Time for a Taste Test

New Week. Which means new partner…begrudgingly.