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I thought it would be fun to talk about things we’ve done/would like to do with our living space.

I recently moved into a different, smaller apartment after a V MESSY breakup, and I’m working on getting it to be comfortable. I’ve made good progress so far. The apartment is teeny-tiny, not enough space to entertain people I’m not sleeping with, so I’ve run coax and cat6 cables into the bedroom, where I’ve established what I will refer to as the Entertainment Stronghold. I’ve got my TV, game consoles, and Steam Link all set up so I can have all my screen-based entertainment in one place. Actually sitting down at the PC is now reserved for like flight simulators. Other steps I’ve taken in the bedroom include: blackout curtains, because it’s the city and the street lights are a bit much to try and sleep through, especially now that they can reflect off of snow; a soundbar with a subwoofer, so I can get halfway decent sound out of my TV.

Things I’d like to do in the near future:
I need to get some end tables or something to put by my bed. I want more shelves and surfaces, in general, also, because I want to get a bunch of house plants throughout the apartment to make the place a bit less dreary, maybe even get an indoor herb garden going. I’d also like to get some of those little electric paper lanterns to string around the ceilings. The goal is to turn the apartment into a pleasant mood lighting zone at night, which is when I’m mostly home 5 days a week, anyway.

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Holidays are coming up which means it’s time to buy myself a nice decorative item for my kitchen off of Etsy. This year I think I’m getting a salt pig, and right now I have my eyes on




I adore the clean and minimalist look of the first, but the second one lets you get whatever you want painted on the outside, which means I could get bees on it.


…but this one already has a bee on it. And the seller has similar items with other insects painted on them.

As a side note: is it just me or have Etsy’s reseller problems been getting worse? Half of the results are mass-produced shit I just saw when I searched on Amazon.


I really like those first ones, for the stated minimalism reason. I also like the one with already a bee. The middle ones, I think, aren’t bulbous enough :chuckle:

Looking at things I’d like to decorate my future home with is one of my main hobbies, and etsy is one of my main places for it.



These wall scrolls are just amazing, I’d like to have them in my room, and just look at them all the time.

I like this print beyond words, I’m not sure where I’d put it, maybe like the living room, but definitely somewhere with good lighting.

Kirby is happiness taken form, and I need him around my home.

Plushies would be a must around my home, at least one per room, and all different, what I specially like about this being an animal crossing leaf, is that I can point at it and say something like “actually, that’s a couch” or something, and laugh to myself.

I don’t think much about furniture, because me getting my own place is way in the future, so for now all I look at is decorations and stuff.

@dijondujour I love the last one with the bee one it, but mostly because it reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. :3:

@kevlarSweaterVest A good indoor plant is the peace lily, I have one right now and it’s easy to care for, very pretty, and as a plus, it’s supposed to be good for cleaning the air. :smile: it is midly toxic, so if you have/plan on having any pets, watch out for that.

I need to get some posters or wallscrolls, too. Get some color into the place. I like having a couple of plushies around. I think I’d rather lean toward Too Many Throw Pillows, though, as far as soft things that are piled around a room.

I actually just bought new plates for the first time since moving out with my husband. He melted and cracked our old ones in the microwave. I’m aiming to buy a new couch that is easier to clean since our dog teddy loves to vomit on our fabric couches.

I’ve a couple posters ive had sitting in a cardboard tube and I finally got one of them framed! It’s dorky, but I got it for supporting a kickstarter so at least it might start some conversations.

I may have mentioned it in the home improvement/garden thread, but I want to paint our computer room a clean white and display a lot of our art in there. We’ve collected some cool stuff that we never display for various reasons, and it would be nice to have a place for it all.

This is a month late reply but, dang, those are cute. I have literally never heard of a salt pig before now, which makes me feel weird since I thought I knew my kitchen item essentials. And yeah, Etsy’s becoming more and more of a resale market which is disheartening. I’m pretty sure there are also a few stores that just place orders at printing websites for customized pens and pencils, which I noticed when I had to order some pens for work.

Out of season but on topic: If you have an inner goth (like I’m sure we all do) who also loves home decor, Home Goods during October is the best place to be. I got a really cool, large hollow lucite skull with gold-colored flecks in it. The salesclerk who rung me up also suggested getting LED lights to put in it, which I did, and it’s now the coolest thing I own. Home Good also has some great seasonal gnomes, if you love winter and gnomes.

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A glowing skull sounds like one of the coolest things that can be owned, I hope it’s being showed off in a good place.

My room is a disaster area at the moment so it doesn’t get the honor it deserves. Buuut I did take a video of it when it was still displayed and added some music that youtube provides to it for fun. It’s here and it glows.

I just had the best idea: Christmas lights in a crystal head vodka bottle

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