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I know wasps are an important part of our ecosystem, but I will never forgive them for managing to sting me on the butt as I went down a slide as a kid. I’m still bitter all these years later.


Nah that’s fair. Wasps usually aren’t aggressive to humans, but they do wander into locations where they can get spooked by humans, and they tend to respond with stinging.

If you want an extended, disturbing, and passionate discussion of the philosophy behind the aversion to wasps and the religious, societal, and psycho-sexual implications of their behavior, check out this part of the forgotten adventure game Harvester!

…but no one actually wants that.


Man, that clip was actually pretty interesting! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that bit from Harvester before. I actually wasn’t aware that wasps could sting multiple times. I guess that I should consider myself lucky I only ended up with one sting on the butt ha ha.


Chapter Five - Dust to Dust

Might take a while before I can do another video, I have a pretty bad head cold (you can hear it in the commentary, much to my dismay) and it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. If I don’t entirely lose my voice or the ability to think clearly for the duration of a video, I’ll try to keep things on track, but I can’t be sure and I’m not optimistic.


It’s no problem Fiendly, thanks for the heads up.

Sincerely, everyone who watches your videos. (Hope none of them disagree)


I hope so too! I just hate to leave my thread hanging for any amount of time, but what can ya do?

Well, what I did do was compile a number of the resources from which I’ve gathered my info over the years, so you can keep learning about creepy crawlies in an entertaining way while I convalesce. I’ll probably add a bunch of David Attenborough videos eventually, but we’ll call this a pretty good start for now:

Bogleech has created a series of arachnophobe-friendly blog posts with cute drawings instead of pictures of real bugs: Spiderween

The now-defunct Caustic Soda podcast has done numerous episodes on the animals we meet in Deadly Creatures, often with actual scientists as guests:
Web Building Spiders
Hunting Spiders
Wasps and Hornets

The podcast Hound Tall did an episode on entomology covering a wide array of topics and personal anecdotes from the guest entomologist’s world travels: Buggin Out! - Extreme Entomology and the Amazon (episode begins at 9:50)

Arthro-Pod is a podcast hosted by a rotating group of entomologists, so pick any topic on their episode list that seems interesting and you’ll learn everything you need to know about it [CW: lots of pictures of real bugs]: Arthro-Pod

Relevant videos:
Tarantula demonstrates the use of urticating hairs
Meet the spidergoats


Eh, you gotta do what you gotta do. And if that means leave a bunch of entymologically interesting videos, then im sure there are worse things that could have arisen from that!

Also, I hate to be so blunt about this but I have a request for the next game you could Let’s Play, can you do Outlast? It’s grown to be one of my favorite horror games ever (though Manhunt is really hard to beat), and I would absolutely love to hear your opinion on it! That said, hope you feel better soon!


I don’t have the means to play Outlast and I probably never will, and I’m already working on my next two LPs so I’ve got many months of work planned. I couldn’t hope to do better than DumbRodent’s LP anyway.


That’s no problem man, I didn’t even figure you had so much planned already, now I’m just excited for the next game! As for Outlast, I appreciate the honesty, and have a good day, or night, as it were.


Chapter Six - Entangled

Extras: Gallery Three

Warning: This video is really gross. There’s a filthy conversations and some hideous life forms that I need to believe for my own well being don’t actually exist.


I DID IT! I FOUND A COUPLE THINGS THAT WEIRD FUNGUS COULD BE! So, from my research, I’ve found a plant parasite that matches it in color, powdery mildew, and the one I believe it to be, Desert Broom Rust, which matches it slightly better in color and grows out of swollen, pulsating parts of the Desert Broom.


Neat! Glad it’s not total nonsense they threw into the game, and it’s a real cool thing to get to explore, just maybe not for two rooms in a row.


I agree, I was actually very surprised to find anything resembling it. And I checked out DeeArr’s L.P. of Outlast, and it did do it great justice, so thank you for the recommendation!

Edit: I’m fucking stupid and forgot how to spell


Hey guys, somethings up with what I hope to be my phone: I got a notification so I decided to check Fiendly’s channel to find that only 2 videos are listed in his videos and all comments are disabled. Please tell me this is just my phone and if it isn’t, did I miss something? What’s going on?


It looks like Fiendly’s marked their videos as unlisted, so they can only be accessed through the playlists now. As for the comments being disabled, not sure on the reason for that :confused:

I hope all is well with you Fiendly, and if things aren’t then I hope you know that you’re awesome and we wish you the very best. If you need a break from LPing/Youtube then please take all the time you need.


I decided to get the Punisher Max omnibus for Christmas, and God damn, can’t thank you and Kaboomdragoon enough. It’s awesome!

Also trying to keep the thread alive


Yo, this is an old thread, but I hope this LP gets finished. You’ve become one of my fav LPers and I’m a sucker for cheesy horror and queer gamers. Keep up being great. Forgive the cheesiness of this post, haha


Okay guys, I’m gonna stop watching for a while. I hope you get through this… whatever you’re going through. I wish you the best, and I feel it will be pretty rude of me to say this but oh fucking well, it’s 6:15, my sleep schedule is fucked and I’m tired. I hope you finish this Let’s Play this summer, and I hope you (and Bec) finish Alone in the Dark, I hope your Patreon comes back (I’d love to see you play the shit-show that is Manhunt II), I hope your YouTube channel comes back when you are done with your holiday, and above all I hope you do what makes you happy, even if that isn’t YouTube (though if that is the case, I’d ask that you keep the playlists up, they’re fun to watch). All of that said, this’ll probably be my last post for a while, at least until I get an SA account. Much love from Rhode Island, to everyone here!


Alone in the Dark might come back at least