WEIRD AUTUMN! (Night in the Woods cover)

As a queer space-punk band from Pittsburgh, we all felt morally obligated to cover a song from Night in the Woods (which I devoured in two days and completely adore).

Enjoy, it’s Scott Benson endorsed!

((also if you like it you can check out our other tunes here n here)


That was awesome! :allears:

This is fuckin’ rad. Any plans on covering the other band songs from the game?

We’d like to! We wanted to give it some time and make sure that it didn’t feel cash-grab fandom musiciany bc the game actually really meant a lot to us, and this one done in sort of a one day passion session.

But a lot of people have been asking so I don’t think it’ll feel disingenuous (and Die Anywhere Else is my favorite sooo)


This is extremely cool and good.


I can’t stop listening to this. It’s so good.