We Thought About Games: It's a Dang Podcast


Hey y’all! I’m Sid and I wanted to share my time-consuming side hobby with everyone on here! It’s a podcast called We Thought About Games, where we do lengthy dives into games that are at least somewhat known, but don’t have many modern, longform discussions in podcast form.

(Logo courtesy of the inimitable Devious Vacuum.)

I’ve release 4 episodes so far! Each one takes a lot of work, since I try to do some really tight edits as well as including music from the games to help listeners feel more immersed in a game they might otherwise not play.

And that’s one big reason for doing the podcast- a lot of games get referenced in passing, and short of sitting down to play the game or watch a longplay/let’s play, it can be difficult to really know what a game’s deal is.

The release schedule has been quite slow, since I’m the only consistent host and the format requires a positive experience with the game covered, as well as a critical eye at how well it holds up. Partly I’m hoping that I can find more people willing to guest, but if not, I’m just glad to share my love of these games with everyone!

Episode 1: Phantasy Star Online

Episode 2: Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
(Art by JunkerV)

Episode 3: Vanquish
(Art by barelyconcealed)

Episode 4: NieR
(Art by Beefy)

Episode 5: Mega Man X4
(Art by UncleLucky)

Feedback is welcome, but as someone who’s relistened to these episodes quite a bit, I’m rather familiar with the issues specific to each episode (PSO being disjointed, RE:CV and Vanquish being too strategy guide-y, NieR’s music levels running a little high in certain spots). The less time I spend between episodes, the easier it is to remember what mistakes not to make. I hope.


Yo if you want some seriously in-depth analysis of some good-ass video games, then this is the podcast you want to listen to.

I’m also reminded I need to get a copy of NieR before Automata comes out. This podcast got me searching for a new copy.


Episode 5 is finally out! This time,it’s a deep dive on Mega Man X4. Any and all feedback is welcome- our next episode will cover Dragon’s Dogma!