We Caught a Zoo: Let's Play Ape Escape


:siren: Banner art by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien, Transition art by AbstractCactus, Episode/Thumbnail art by Sproutsnout :siren:

Ever since man and monkey walked out of the primordial ooze hand in hand exactly one million years ago, both have been gunning for the number one spot. Man’s always had the upper hand but monkeys have four hands, so it’s hard to say who is really on top. Today however is a major turning point. Monkeys have not only figured out pants, but they have also taken possession of a time machine. With this tool the apes are now free to run amok with history! It’s up to me TheJayOfSpade to stop them. Armed only with a net, eight other gadgets, a legally required Playstation DualShock controller, and my monkey loving co-commentators (ChorpSaway and Future Friend). I have to make things right and prove who’s the Chimp Champ.


Oh man, this is a trip down memory lane. Thanks for that.


For some reason I either missed the thread being posted or it just didn’t register in my sleep deprived, diet switching brain that this was for this.

Hell yeah, ook ook and such. I remember playing this game a thousand years ago on an old friend’s PS1 along with the Spyro games, since I never had a PS1 as a kid. It was fun but also way harder than it looks. This is the killer app that Sony had and they dumped all their resources on trash like Crash. Give us an HD remastering like all the other old PSX games no one likes and aren’t good.


:siren: :siren: :siren:


I love Ape of the 99 Monkeys.


I remember nothing about the Stadium Attack’s other than them being agonizingly difficult.


Yeah, Jake can be a real stinker to race




Wow, that rubberband part is…so very badly programmed, what the hell. You really got those monkies good though, that was impressive. I remember this game being really deceptively difficult on that front.

100% agree on your thoughts on the structure of Ape Escape, by the way. It’s weird to have a collectathon game that’s almost entirely level based like this.


If you can catch a cold, you can catch an ape.


I love the little baby snowsuits the monkies wear. It’s so cute!

Also jeez that was a close race. He really is a nasty boy.


Going Medieval on your Ape


Sushi Temple is the only actual stage I remember playing, and I only really remember it since it was my friend’s last monkey and I somehow deleted his save.


Ape Escape is back from the one day accidental hiatus.


Between the remote control car and the tank, this is a pretty great final world. Except…it’s not the final world! Dun dun duuun.

…dang the stick clicking is a hell of a thing though.

I also vaguely remember Joe Dirt, and incredibly wish I did not. It’s like The Dukes of Hazard but with all the 70s era smiles and veneer stripped off. An interesting idea of course, but one that I’d rather not experience.




I don’t have as much to say about this one, since like Future Friend said it’s not as interesting a world…but I’d like to note this is also just really funny an episode. Good job.




Aah, Ape Escape. Not as good as I remember it. Still pretty solid. I don’t imagine this is the end, but this has been a pretty good LP Jay.