Wait, Game Freak has a new platformer out?

http://store.steampowered.com/app/454410/ Giga Wrecker launched yesterday to my surprise, considering the fact that I didn’t know it existed until today. I’m a Drill Dozer Fan To Death (DDF2D) but Tembo the Badass Elephant left me a bit cold. The footage on the steam page looks weirdly janky but mechanically super intriguing (manipulating matter to get around the level). Anyone tried it yet? If this thread goes nowhere, feel free to use it as a general discussion for how awesome Drill Dozer is.

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I tried a bit of it a few months ago when it was in early access! I was gonna stream it, but it caused my PC to lag a bit too much to be stream-friendly.

Was pretty fun though, much more like Drill Dozer than Tembo

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That’s great to hear! Tembo had a fun sense of momentum paired with levels that felt too exploration heavy to fully take advantage of it

I didn’t even know they made something else, but I definitely want to give it a shot after watching the trailer.

Drill Dozer is a game that I love a whole lot, but never actually played all the way through…

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The only issue I have with Giga Wrecker so far is I can’t tell how readable it is. The art looks great and everything, but the screenshots make it seem like a mess to pay attention to, so I’ve been keeping my distance til I see more of it being shown off.