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Hi! I started doing Drawstreams as a way to make up for not fulfilling a Patreon Promise of Olde~ They’re 2-4 hour long chillstreams of me drawing requests from Patreon peeps, but I also have sped-up versions like so:

Here’s a playlist of the Drawstreams so far.

The Drawstreams are on Mondays at 3pm EST at my hitbox! I hope to continue them for the foreseeable future. :slight_smile: If you’ve ever given me $10 on Patreon, shoot me an email (voidburger at gmail) with a drawing request and I’ll add you to the list!

I guess you can ask me questions about the DrawStreams here if you want! Suggestions/critiques are welcome, but I do ask that there’s no major backseating during the streams themselves. Suggestions are cool, and tips to avoid future mishaps (“You should make that it’s own layer!”) are good, but please refrain from demanding many things in a row, ie: “Give him a hat. No not that hat, like this hat: ~links specific image of hat~. Make it blue, though.”

Drawings so far:


I’ve never had a chance to pop into a Patreon stream of yours so I appreciate you posting them for later when I do have time! I’m digging the drawstreams, watching artists work is one of my favorite things.

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Both the drawstreams and the sped up versions are really great, chill experiences. I really recommend it to anyone, not just because creating art from a blank page is strange wonderful magic to me

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hopefully I can make it to next week’s. I’ve been really wanting to catch one.

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JoJo Undyne is absolutely incredible, you did a good job imitating Araki’s coloring style.

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You are all very nice, thank you everyone! :3: