Vampyr: do you just pronounce it "vampire" or...

Trigger warning for blood and close-ups of averagely modeled corpses

Latest update:

It was the year 2018.

Vampires have been in folklore for many centuries. For so many, in fact, that there is a billion ways to spell the word “vampire”.

But has there been a game about a vampire doctor? As in, a vampire who is actually a doctor?

And one set in WW1 London?

No, there was not.

Thus, Vampyr was born, an action-RPG that has vampires, vampiric skills and other things. I think it’s not complete yet, but they already charge 50 Euros for it, so I assume that it’s mostly playable.

The LP

With the exception of the first 30 minutes, the run is a blind run with live commentary. I saw that this is a game, that it has vampires, and that it has a PC version. The decision was made then and there. As such, any tips for how to play the game are most welcome.

Meanwhile, I will keep white noise chatter to a minimum.

Fun fact: I’ve never played anything both blind and live before on camera, so this will be a learning experience.

Vampyr has text entries in a journal format, I will be posting these in the thread and, for the most part, giving a brief summary of the content.

Spoiler policy

I am yet to get far in the game, so spoilers for anything not yet covered are to be tagged, no exception. This is a rule that I will enforce with the brutality of a Russian vurdalak, because I don’t want to suffer from spoilers.


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Looks like an interesting game - I’ve heard only a little, so I’m really looking forward to this LP!

People told me that everybody who plays this just kills everything in their way, I plan to do otherwise

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We are continuing with the tutorial, with the game introducing more different mechanics as it goes along. The game tries and fails to teach me sneak attacks, and succeeds in teaching me about the dialogue wheel, the vampire vision (everything becomes shades of gray, except blood trails). I also bypass the first table for crafting and forget to mention that I plan to learn it off-camera (I have not done this as of today, so do tell me if you want to actually see me learn the ropes).

In the second half we get our first real dialogue, which uses the dialogue wheel, has hidden options, and is absolutely atrociously written. I now understand the comments that my non-goon viewers have been leaving about the dialogue writing, it didn’t seem bad to me at first In the end, we are introduced to a new character, who may or may not be an ally. I hope that we can make him an ally, because after some consideration, and taking into account the first post in this very thread, I decided that this is now officially a light side playthrough .

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My God. It’s like it’s a metaphor for the game.

The murder mystery is hereby solved, and the introductory portion of the game is mostly over. The first boss battle is really easy and I really should have played it more aggressively.

Despite the poorly written NPC dialogue, I’m really liking this game so far.

Good clothes will be incoming very very soon

I set these to autopublish and forgot

This is a longer video, which is basically a large infodump. We get to the hospital which I think is going to be our base for the future, talk to some patients, learn how to drink blood from citizens, and most importantly, get a badass set of clothes

This really is Bloodborne.

The game will very soon start kicking my ass, but in the meantime we are getting more information about the staff at Pendleton, and finally get to visit Jonathan’s office!
I find the hospital surprisingly hard to navigate, despite its simple layout. Not sure whether it’s the design or just me trying to talk and think at the same time.

Also, there’s a sword that I have no idea where it came from and it’s called fucking DRAGONBANE

This game is hard goddammit. John Doe is stronger than John Reid.

I am now introduced to the curing mechanics and it is more straightforward than I thought. This episode is also exclusively talking, with a reveal of a familiar character. She gives us a [weird?] quest.

This also officially marks the last time I am being an incompetent moron about the leveling system!