Vacation Time in Scenic Isle Delfino! - Let's Play Super Mario Sunshine

Its finally time. For Vacation.

Video Game Super Mario Sunshine HD Wallpaper

Super Mario Sunshine. The black sheep of the 3D platformers for the plumber, oddly enough. Sunshine is an anomaly, despite being the sequel to the often revered classic, Mario 64, a lot of people take issue with Sunshine. From its tropical focused setting, somewhat janky physics and some polarizing gameplay focuses, a lot of people just seem…mixed, about the Gamecube’s premier 3D platformer.

Well nuts to them, this games great. Flawed, but great, and I’ll take it over 64 anyday.

This is going to be a 100% LP as per usual, meaning yes, all the feared missions and collectibles such as the Blue Coins will be obtained, even infamous challenges like the Poison River or Pachinko shall be done. For my vacation is only over, when we get that post card.

You know what, I think we’ve all earned a vacation. Next stop, scenic Isle Delfino!

Dang, I got arrested and sent to community service. This vacation blows, lets kill a plant to blow off some steam

Oof, hard impact. Must’ve got a concussion from Blooper Surfing again.

The beach is fun, but not when theres a giant caterpillar looming over me

Aight, who’s the idiot that said THIS thing needed to be built for the amusement park?


Do as I say, not as I do. And I say, DON’T SURF ON A BLOOPER YOU FOOL

This just in, Konami has hijacked this game. We must escape Pachinko to survive…Pray for me.

We survived Pachinko! Now what’s next? Oh…Oh no. Not again

Who the hell keeps pet chain chomps, honestly?

Man I hate sand. its coarse, rough, and…FLIES?!

Man, the ONE TIME Mario finds a haunted building and Luigi is nowhere to be seen.

So they poisoned our water supply. At least they didn’t burn our crops?

First dog washing and now walking, guess we should add Petsitter to Mario’s Job list

This is why you keep your teeth clean. So you dont wind up like Eely Mouth here

Remember kids, your worst enemy in Sunshine isn’t the monsters. its yourself making dumb mistakes.

And now begins the existential nightmare. Oh not mine. This pokey, who I got stuck in the wall. FOREVER

So Yoshis gastic acids cause creatures to…become platforms. Well then.

I hope you like watermelon. Cause we got a BIG one

It’s time to SPIN. THAT. WHEEL.