UI Pet Peeve

Is there any possible way to change the forum interface so I don’t see bouncing avatars in the thread list? I’d prefer to turn user avatars into text, so I don’t have to hover over the avatars to see who’s made a thread/last posted in it/etc.

e: Upon further exploration of this site I found another pet peeve: is there a way to turn off endless scrolling? I hate it in tumblr, and I hate it here too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, the forums software appears to be made by people that hate pagination on principle.

Fair enough! I’ll learn to live with it, I suppose.

At least with the pagination case, the blue bar to the right lets you jump around so you don’t have to scroll. The URL also updates as you scroll along with the post number you’re currently reading. And unlike other infinite scrolling sites, there is a limit on how many posts are actually loaded off-screen, so as long as you aren’t in a SSLP thread with few posts between updates, loading and memory usage shouldn’t be an issue for long threads.