Timrod's Stream - Have Consoles, Will Travel

Who the hell is this guy?

Good question. I’m Timrod, a small-time streamer who usually does not have an audience - and that’s something I’m looking to change. That’s not to say I want to be the next big thing on Youtube: my philosophy is and has always been that cash-per-month crowdfunding and paid subscriptions are almost always the mark of a bad streamer, someone who is doing it for money rather than for fun. Most of what I stream is casual play, because while I do speedrun a few games, none of them are interesting enough to warrant regular streaming (and at least one has driven me insane mid-run).

Where do you stream?

I stream on my Twitch channel, located at http://twitch.tv/timrod. I don’t have a regular stream schedule, but you can check my Twitter (@TimrodDX), since I always post there first if I plan on streaming. My streams are usually in the evenings, EST.

What do you stream?

I stream all kinds of stuff. Previously, I had to stick to PC and emulated consoles, but I recently went ahead and bought a cheap capture device that sort of works. I have a bunch of old consoles and take requests (not that I ever get them).

Do you have a Youtube or Discord or anything?

I have a Youtube channel under Timrod where I upload stuff, but most of my streams I don’t bother uploading.