Time to gamble our life away in Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360)

Welcome to Fortune City, Nevada. When you aren’t gambling away your life savings, you can partake in the lovely scenery and fun games, maybe watch a live show, enjoy the sites and sounds of a gambler’s paradise.

And then zombies happened.

Join myself and UltraDirectorJester, my co-op partner in crime as we play through not only Dead Rising 2, but the prologue “Dead Rising 2: Case Zero” and eventually the epilogue “Dead Rising 2: Case West.” I will be attempting to show off as much as the game as possible (locations of Zombrex, combo weapons, etc) along with saving all survivors in Fortune City. For certain games that I do co-op with UDJ, sometimes there will be two options for the video: One with full commentary, and one with the commentary cut during cutscenes. This is one of those Let’s Plays.

RULES: All I ask is that you do not spoil future bosses or the story in this thread just in case people want to enjoy the story. Dead Rising has a habit of being crazy and some of these bosses are well worth the surprise.

The schedule for updates on my LP channel has Dead Rising 2 being updated on Saturdays. Any feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy!

Full Commentary Playlist

Cut Commentary Playlist

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero:

Episode 1

Episode 1 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 2

Episode 2 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 3 (There is no cut commentary version)

Episode 3.5


Finale (Cut Commentary)

Dead Rising 2:

Episode 1

Episode 1 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 2

Episode 2 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 3

Episode 3 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 4

Episode 4 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 5

Episode 5 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 6

Episode 6 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 7

Episode 7 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 8

Episode 8 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 9

Episode 9 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 10

Episode 10 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 11

Episode 11 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 12

Episode 12 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 13

Episode 13 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 14

Episode 14 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 15

Episode 15 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 16

Episode 16 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 17

Episode 17 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 18

Episode 18 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 19

Episode 19 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 20

Episode 20 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 21

Episode 21 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 22 (Finale)

Episode 22 (Finale, Cut Commentary)

Episode 23 (End)

Episode 23 (End, Cut Commentary)

Dead Rising 2: Case West

Episode 1

Episode 1 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 2

Episode 2 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 3

Episode 3 (Cut Commentary)

Episode 4 (The End)

Episode 4 (The End, Cut Commentary)



The newest episode is up. We find out how Chuck can be a terrible dad as we get presents for our daughter.

Saving more survivors and making some story progress in Episode 3!

The story continues, but first we need to save some survivors!

I have… Mixed feelings about Dead Rising 1, the only one I’ve played, but liked the concept overall.
Honestly if all they did for the sequel was fix some of the irritating quirks the game had,I’d probably enjoy it. Getting hit by a zombie and having it cancel Otis’s radio dialogue was insufferable. Ditto with trying to get multiple survivors through doors, but it seems like they fixed that at least.
Enjoying the LP so far, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! Blue Castle studios did a lot to improve the Dead Rising formula and game play. There are still a few small things I wish could have been adjusted/fixed, but for what we got this is a major improvement from the first game.

The story continues… well, I mean after a few more survivors and another psychopath. The next few episodes will be knocking out a lot of the missions we have gotten recently along with plenty of story progression.

Time for some more story. Who could possibly be framing Chuck Greene for the Fortune City outbreak? Well… it may have been a little obvious.

2 more updates (forgot to post on the forum) so enjoy some of the more fun psychopaths!

Updates 9, 10, and 11 have been posted. Episode 9 has some story to get through, Episode 10 has a very memorable boss fight, and Episode 11 is completing more side missions (and I guess a memorable boss fight as well). See why Chuck is the best dad an ill child could ask for. Enjoy!

I tried out Dead Rising way back when it was first released and never had a chance to play more of it (and truth be told, I was pretty lousy at it!) So it’s always been a game I was curious about. Loved your LP of the first game, and this LP is shaping up to be even better, nice work!!

Episode 12-15 has been updated. Plenty of missions are finished, Many psychopaths fought, tons of survivors saved and of course; story progress. Enjoy!

Long time, no talk. Had a lot going on recently, but I’m here to do another massive update for Dead Rising 2. Episode 16 gets us farther along in the story, Episode 17 has one of the more interesting psychopaths in the game, Episode 18 has a couple of my favorite psychopaths, Episode 19 and 20 are all about the story.

The story is coming to a close!

The end of Dead Rising 2 has been posted as well as Overtime mode. The next portion of the LP will show off the entirety of Dead Rising 2: Case West. Thank you for watching the LP and I hope you enjoy the epilogue once it is posted :slight_smile:

The LP has been updated to show the downloadable epilogue “Dead Rising 2: Case West” which is supposed to be the canonical ending to Chuck Greene’s story and Dead Rising 2 as a whole.

And with that, the Let’s Play has reached its end. There are a few bonuses I will be including in the future such as any loose ends, where to find all the Zombrex posters around Fortune City, a look into the multiplayer and a “best of” for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the what-if scenario starring Dead Rising Golden Boy Frank West.

For any of you that have been following this thread, thank you for your patience and I hope you have enjoyed the game. Dead Rising 2 fixed a lot of problems from the first game (some aspects were entirely redone to make it friggin’ playable) and I gotta hand it to Blue Castle Games; they know what they’re doing when it comes to Chopping Til You Drop. In the future I would love to cover Dead Rising 3, but that is an adventure for another day. Thanks again, and I hope you have an amazing day. See you guys next time!