Time is Finite, Video Games Are Not - Backlog Thread

Video games are pretty fun. But we all have responsibilities that have to come first, and so the Backlog is born, growing slowly at first as some titles are set aside “for later”, until there is proper time to fully enjoy them. Soon, though, one title becomes a few, a few becomes a pile, and a pile becomes a Hoarders episode.
Personally, I’m finally getting down to that new Zelda. I can see why people made fun of Fi, but so far I think it’s great! The motion controls are better than I expected. (I also managed to finish Call of Duty 3. I wonder what the future has in store for this venerable WWII franchise?) After Zelda, I’ve still got Okami, Metroid Prime 3, and Xenoblade Chronicles to get through before hitting the newer stuff.
What’s is the state of your backlog? Which games are you looking forward to as you get through it?

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Oh boy… my backlog…
Below are all games that I want to play at some point either because I’d heard they were good or because I started them and liked them but got distracted by other things. If only I had more time. That isn’t even half of what I have in my steam library. I might have missed some going through it just now.

[details=My Backlog]- Gunpoint

  • Papo & Yo
  • Starseed Pilgrim
  • The Swapper
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (already finished regular)
  • Closure
  • Read Only Memories
  • Alien: Isolation (started, didn’t finish)
  • AM2R (started, didn’t finish)
  • Bioshock 2
  • Brigador
  • Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
  • Maldita Castilla
  • The Darkness II
  • Darksiders
  • E.Y.E: Divine Cybemancy (tales of its madness always intrigue me)
  • God Eater: Resurrection
  • Grey Goo
  • Grim Dawn
  • Hitman '16 (Only played the first few levels a couple times)
  • Hylics
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
  • Invisible Inc.
  • Trails in the Sky
  • Marlow Briggs
  • Momodora III
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
  • Owlboy (I know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but I liked what little I played of it and wish to finish it)
  • Pony Island
  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Can’t be run inside Germany, guess I’ll play that whenever I move)
  • State of Decay: Year One
  • System Shock 2
  • Tomb Raider (reboot)
  • Transformers: Devastation
  • The Witcher 3
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (only have a German censored version, guess that’s as good as it’ll get)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown[/details]
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I was trying before to use tools to help with this;
Backloggery: http://www.backloggery.com/
Random Steam Game Picker: https://servc.eu/rsg/

When I get through Persona 5 I’ll return to my backlog but I have way too many games I haven’t finished.

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Before I got a job I only had a shitty laptop that could only play indie games and whatever Nintendo console was out at the time. After getting a job and saving up for a while, I was finally able to build a pc. My backlog is full of AAA titles that I’ve missed out on. I also have a backlog of SNES games that I never played since I had a Genesis rather than an SNES as a kid.

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I try really hard not to think about my backlog because I’m pretty sure at this point it would take the rest of my life to clear it, and that’s IF I stopped buying games today. Unfortunately, sites like Humble Bundle make it really easy to get hundreds of new games a year for the price you’d normally spend on just one.


According to Backloggery, I have 850 games I haven’t finished, half of which I’ve never even played once. And I’m willing to bet almost all of those are Steam games.

Also, this is a good reminder that I actually need to update my Backloggery

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Somehow I do not have a million Steam games so I’m kinda in the clear compared to most. I still have 176 unfinished games and I’m still really bad at updating Backloggery.


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Interesting to learn about services like backloggery and Random Steam Game picker. I’d never heard of them before, but then, I never really did a lot of research on the topic.