Thread got flagged?

I posted my Castlevania LP thread a bit over a month ago, but it got flagged as either spam or off-site advertising, or something like that? It happened as soon as I posted my second video. The videos are hosted on YouTube, but I didn’t think that would be it.

Is it that the images for the banners are hosted on LPix? I can change to Imgur, if that’s the issue. Honestly, I’m not sure what to say, or how to ask ‘okay what did I do wrong’ without sounding petulant. It took a while to ask about it because badbrains meant it was hard to not just throw my hands up and say to hell with it, but I should probably ask.

Did that not get fixed? Your thread should’ve gotten unflagged a long time ago.

I’m looking at it on my end and it looks fine. Is your thread hidden for you?

As for why your thread got flagged in the first place: this site has a “trust” system in place. The short of it is that the more you participate in the forum, the more privileges you earn. Every user starts at trust level zero. At this level users are under close scrutiny by the automatic anti-spam bot. If a level zero member posts the same message multiple times (or in your case, edited multiple posts to contain the same link) it trips an alarm, automatically flags those posts as possible spam, and sends them off to the mods for review. This is obviously there to keep spambots from flooding the forums with advertisements.

Once a user reaches level 1 the anti-spam system doesn’t watch them nearly as closely, and they can, say, put the same links multiple times in a thread without setting off alarms. We currently have the requirements at what we feel is a good level to keep out spam while not expecting too much of the average user (5 topics entered, 30 posts read, 10 minutes spent reading posts).

In summary: you set off an automatic flagging system when you posted the same link multiple times in the same thread because you haven’t spent very much time on the site and as such are still at the lowest trust level.

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Oh, okay. I feel a lot better knowing it wwas something that simple. Thank you.

And as a side note it looks like you’re level 1 now, so you shouldn’t need to worry about accidentally getting flagged as spam anymore. :thumbsup:

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