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After having a solo channel apart from my LP group for years and not doing anything with it, I’ve started using it for video reviews of film, television, music and games. No obnoxious gimmicks or skits with bad acting - just my thought-out opinions and dry sarcasm on whatever crosses my whims. And perhaps one day I’ll have a better camcorder than an iPod Touch.
Reviews will come out approximately weekly. Episode-by-episode reviews/vlogs of shows come out three times a week (when we’ve recorded them).

I’m open to suggestions, but right now my Patreon patrons have priority for that.

Reviews So Far

Coming Next

  • Star Vs. Season 2
  • The Primrose League (indie music)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Episode Vlogs (with Mugiwara Yoshi)

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Next review is up, this time a thorough examination of the 2009 Legend of Zelda fan-movie, The Hero of Time:

It’s not quite the low budget that kills this one.

Began a series of vlogs for the individual episodes of Star Vs with my buddy Mugiwara Yoshi:

A bit late, but the next two Star Vs episode vlogs are up. I won’t be posting here when they’re uploaded, but I will edit the OP with the links. If Yoshi and I can keep a consistent schedule, there will be new vlogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

These reviews got my wife and I to start watching Star vs the Forces of Evil. We got through all of season 1 in a day and are slowly working through season 2. So far, not feeling it as much as the first one. I think it’s the lack of action so far. Some of the best parts of season 1 were how they had to fight off monsters or Star’s creations. I’m sure that’ll come up but it’s a small gripe since I still like it overall. Thanks for bringing this into my life!

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Next episode vlog is up, plus an update on what will be coming next and asking for suggestions:

So, now that season 2 of Star vs is over, I’d like to change my earlier statement. We didn’t get action fighting near every episode like we did in season 1, but the overall season was definitely better in my opinion.

The characters developed a lot more, it was definitely more story and character driven in comparison. And the relationships grow so much in what felt like a really good pace. Nothing seemed to come out of nowhere on any part. The relationship between Marco and Jackie, as well as between Marco and Star felt really natural and reminded me of what it was like to be a teenager trying to figure out crushes.

The season is now over and I don’t think there was a season finale in recent history that just shattered a fandom like this one did. It’s geared up for what is going to be an incredible first episode for season 3 and I can’t wait for it to start airing again.

So if anyone is watching Thorn’s reviews and hasn’t checked out the show yet. Do it. Go watch it. It is worth every second of your attention. Also be prepared to have your heart broken.

Been bad about keeping this thread updated. Here’s the Top 20 Albums of 1977 list, all of the White Reaper Wednesdays videos, and I’ve updated the Star Vs Vlogs list.

I’ve effectively stopped doing reviews due to it being a lot of work for no real payoff. However I do still want to do Star Vs episode vlogs, especially after today’s Season 3 premiere; Yoshi and I stopped doing them because he was too busy for us to find time for it. Thus I’m looking for a new cohort who’s good at pulling their thoughts together, comfortable behind a mic, and knows at least a bit about the show (or knows nothing at all but is interested in watching it).
I’m also considering a SvtFoE fan podcast which will include the episode vlogs as well as other discussions.
PM me if you’d like to be involved.