This Thread's Power Level is Really High: Dragon Ball Super Thread

INCREDIBLE FIGHTS -some kid in Youtube comments

Dragon Ball Super is the long awaited revival of the Dragon Ball series, What do you like about it? What do you hate? Are you just posting really dumb images? Then I got the thread for you. With Dragon Ball Super’s newest TOURNAMENT OF POWER arc, figured it was time to start a discussion.

You can post pretty much anything Dragon Ball related. But this is mainly a Dragon Ball Super discussion.

I hope Gohan reveals his new form before he gets jobbed by Ribrianne or Jiren.

I feel like Goku gets dumber every season.

I’ve watched every episode of Super so far and I still can’t decide if it’s like… good or not. The best characters in the series right now for me are Vegeta, Bulma, Beerus, Frieza, and kid Trunks & Goten. Most of the side characters are usually pretty fun, but those are the ones that really stand out.

Goku is probably the most boring, unlikable character I’ve seen so far. I thought it was kind of funny that, after the tournament of power started, Toriyama kind of realized that Goku being the cause of it made him kind of a villain and later tried to justify it with some weak reasoning about “oh now all the universes can struggle to survive knowing that they might die instead of just fading from existence peacefully”.

Anyway, I like Super and I’m going to keep watching it, but it’s pretty whack. Also Jiren is super boring. Also Ultra Instinct is super boring. Please let Gohan, 17, and 18 do something cool soon.

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Yeah I think it was kinda weaksauce that the Gods were all like "oh yeah we were gonna erase all those universes anyway this is just giving one a chance to survive. I kinda liked it being “Goku is so unbelievably thick-headed and battle-thirsty he put several universes in mortal peril” instead.

We haven’t even seen the androids in like three episodes it’s bogus.

Right!? We went through all that trouble to recruit 17, who rules, and he’s barely done anything aside from the magical girl joke.

At least Krillien and 18 got their scene together.

Frieza is way more interesting in Super than he ever was in Z. You can tell he’s mostly learned from his mistake of underestimating his opponents and overestimating his own power, and fights a lot more intelligently. The way he doublecrosses frost was just perfect. Sure you could see it coming from a mile away, but the reveal was great.

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I’ve enjoyed Super so far just for the fact that it’s more story. I was probably my happiest during the few episodes that had Gohan working on the Great Saiyaman movie. I really enjoyed the part of Z where he and Videl interacted, so getting those couple episodes were really good. I’m kind of disappointed with how her character had really changed. Though, it’s pretty standard for Toriyama to just suspend female characters after they’ve done what he wanted, or if he just runs out of ideas for them. Though, Gohan also benching from fighting kind of fit it.

I also really like Ultra Instict since it’s less about a power boost and more about the actual instinct that comes with fighting. A big draw back in Z was that the actual idea of martial arts was lost, and I feel like Super is trying to bring that out a bit more as of late. Especially with the call back of Krillin being experience in a tournament setting.

Kale and Caulifla are totally dating now and I won’t hear otherwise.

Uhhh, aren’t they sisters? I hope they cave Goku’s face in and win the tournament.
Also, if time runs out while someone’s fused, does that count as only one member?

No that’s just what she calls Caulifla cause they’re like, in a gang or whatever.

The Onee-san would be because they’re in a gang. Calling someone “bro” or “sis” comes up a lot more in groups like that. If anyone watched Digimon Savers, Agumon calls Masaru “aniki” which would be like big bro, but is used in terms of “boss” like in a gang.

Also. I’m wondering if we’re going to get someone calling Cheats for using the Potara earings. But if Zeno thinks it’s cool enough it won’t matter.

Well they’re not a weapon and Roshi was allowed to bring in a bunch of tiny jars and corks so I guess it’s fine?

It was specifically that no items were allowed. Roshi’s jars were specifically allowed in the moment because Zeno thought it was cool. Which is also why I imagine the Potara will get a pass. Ultimately though, we know the time frame of the Potara is very short when exerting a lot of energy, which I imagine is going to happen in Kefla’s case.

Something that’s bugged me for a while though was what exactly the Mortal Level is. It seems to complex for Zeno to have thought up. MasakoX recently did a discussion video on what he thinks is actually going on with it.

As an explanation MasakoX is the voice of Goku and Gohan in the Dragon Ball Abridged series. But aside from that, what he says about it actually makes sense for something that Toriyama would do with these “arbitrary” numbers.

I figured it was just like a function of the median power levels in a universe. So while there are outliers like Goku and Jiren and shit, they can’t really bring up the average in an entire universe to beat out the ones where everyone is just generally stronger overall.

I feel thought that if Goku and Vegeta have reached God like power, and Freeza can match that, then the average should be considerably higher than most universes though. I do think there is more to it than just power level.


The original 90s voice of Vegeta is playing copy Vegeta next week, this is pretty awesome.

ahahaha that’s fucking great

Man. That preview made that episode look a lot more epic than it actually is. But I’m glad they can do fun things like that with voice actors.