This Game is Stellar! - Let's Play Stellaris

The Game
Released in 2016, developed and published by Paradox, Stellaris is a 4X strategy game on a galactic scale. It begins in the year 2200 and lets you take control of a species as they take to the stars and begin to found a galactic empire. Except without all of the lightsabers and Gungans. The player is able to create their own species then control their empire and manage it, while deciding how to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. The galaxy is filled with other species, empires, resources, events, stars, planets, and so on.


The LP
This will mainly be a screenshot and text based LP. I will be doing my best to show off the game and create a cohesive story while allowing for votes on certain decisions in game. I plan on having there be two different files we’ll be working with, a more peaceful empire and a more militaristic one. There are two expansions that I have currently, Apocalypse and Horizon Signal. This is a game I haven’t mastered yet but have been deeply getting into, and figured I’d show off to those who don’t have it or can’t figure it out. As for the story it will be somewhat RNG reliant for the events and how our civilizations end up being built. A good chunk of this LP will be screenshots followed by explanations and I will be setting up polls for what directions we’ll be going in, as well as what our species will be.

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Encountered Empires

Universe A Information

Universe Gold Information

Update 0 - Creating Our Empires

Before we get started, let’s figure out just what our Empire will look, sound, and be like. I will be taking suggestions from all of you on what exactly to make for the two universes we’ll be playing as, Universe A and Universe Gold. Below is a sheet to fill out for what you’d like to see, I may take a mix of suggestions or if the thread seems unanimous on any part I’ll pick that and put it in. Otherwise I’ll be going with what I think would fit best or is the most interesting.


Flag Designs

Ship Design


Universe: (A or Gold)
Species Name:
Species Biography: (Universe A is Peaceful, Universe Gold is Militaristic and Aggressive)
Homeworld Name:
Homeworld Star Name:
Homeworld Climate: (Wet, Dry, Frozen)
Empire Name:
Flag Design:
Ship Appearance:

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I’ve watched some streams of this game recently, and the amount of customizability made me love it; I was even thinking of how cool an LP with thread input would be! So I’m excited to follow this thread. :smile:

Universe: A
Species Name: Passeri
Species Biography: The Passeri had a late entry in the galactic scene; their technological advancement had stopped just short of the Space Age, content with the vibrant, forested planet they had been born into. But after an alien civilization decided to intervene, by bringing in technology far superior than anything they possessed, or had ever imagined, they resumed their advancement in earnest, eager to see what else there is to discover in their universe.
Homeworld Name: Floresta
Homeworld Star Name: Luzanta
Homeworld Climate: Tropical
Empire Name: Solar Federation of Floresta
Flag Design:
Primary color: Black, Secondary color: White

Ship Appearance: Reptilian ships
Gender: female, Name: Mana, Title: Luminary.


Universe: Gold
Species Name: Chanterelle
Species Biography: A species of asexual sapient and mobile fungus, the Chanterelle were a peaceful species until they achieved spaceflight and found out that the rest of the universe commonly consumes the native mushrooms of their planets. They weren’t very pleased at this revelation and decided to liberate and uplift their distant cousins, at any cost.

Chanterelles are relatively high in vitamin C (0.4 mg/g fresh weight), very high in potassium (about 0.5%, fresh weight), and are among the richest sources of vitamin D known, with ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) as high as 212 IU/100 grams fresh weight. Scientific research has suggested that the golden chanterelle may have potent insecticidal properties that are harmless to humans and yet protect the mushroom body against insects and other potentially harmful organisms.

Homeworld Name: Cantharellus
Homeworld Star Name: Cibarius
Homeworld Climate: Wet
Empire Name: The Gloriously Moist Collective
Flag Design: Use this guy with one of the brown colors, idk image
Ship Appearance: Fungoid Ships, obvs
Ruler: Just pick a mushroom, whatever


So far loving these!

I was going to suggest a fungoid one, but this is fantastic.

So thinking on it, we could kinda have all of the alien races people submit. I can make them in game and even if we don’t end up playing as them I can set them to have a chance to spawn in game.

Alright we’ve got two Empires done, with that I will begin working on Update 1 now.

Universe A will be the Solar Federation of Floresta, Universe Gold will be The Gloriously Moist Collective.


This is something I never thought I would say, but I’m really into that bird’s outfit, that’s some good space fashion.
A democracy and a bandit kingdom, that sounds like two very different ways to experience this game. Cool. :+1:

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I appreciate you leaving in the text I wholesale ripped from the Wikipedia article on chanterelles.


Update 1 - To The Stars

So let’s go over the settings for our campaigns. I’ll play them on two different settings, Universe A will be in a medium size galaxy while Universe Gold will be in a large size galaxy.

This means there should be fewer groups in Universe A and more in _Universe Gol_d. Things in general should be harder for Universe Gold than for Universe A. For both we’ll be playing with the default settings in everything else and on normal difficulty. Stellaris features a lot of random generation so we should get two very different stories for both of our universes, with different placements, empires, events, etc. I’ll be playing through on normal speed and will pause when necessary.

Universe A - Part 1 - Humble Beginnings

The Passeri have done nearly all they can within their own star system. Luzanta gleams in the black void of space as they take to the stars, looking towards a brighter future for their people. After losing contact with the mysterious alien race that made First Contact with them these avian creatures have started to expand and search the galaxy. Thankfully Faster-Than-Light(FTL) devices have made this far more possible than ever was before. Hyper Drives and Hyper Lanes make it all possible for the Passeri to reach for their dreams, of a greater galactic community.

Right away before sending out their first science ship, they send the ISS Refractory Plumage to set up a mining station on the planet Praadyk, a molten world in their home system. It was known for its intense heat and previous attempts to survey and establish a presence on its surface proved troublesome. But with the modern tech they now hold onto they’re able to set up the station with greater ease, allowing for Energy Credits to be taken from the planet. Energy Credits are an important resource, the Passeri use energy in high quantities. Little do they realize now but Energy Credits, an energy backed currency, is accepted in the wider galaxy.

Mining stations are already in place throughout the system. But the Solar Federation is at the limit of what resources it can harvest from its home system. Yavak knows his people need him, the 27 year old from Luzanta Station had always grown up as a stargazer. He was a roamer who never stayed in one place for long, now a major leader of the Science Ship ISS Prodigal Plumage, he sets out with his FTL ship to survey a nearby Star System. With a great goodbye from Floresta they depart. All across the news images of the ship are played as it heads to the limits of the Luzanta System before showing empty space as it disappears, the Solar Federation of Floresta has begun its very first steps towards joining the galactic community. The date is 2200,02,01.

Scientifically the Solar Federation is quite advanced. Yet still they seek greater heights and begin Genome Mapping. Some disagree with this move, but to the Passeri there is only the future and science is the greatest pathway to the future. Fusion Reactors are in their early stages but their scientists are hopeful. At the same time Engineers get to work on Nanomechanics which should allow them more advanced facilities. Research takes quite a bit of time, but is so fruitful in what it brings to a society. Almost exclusively doing it is positive, but what paths one takes is important for the growth of a fledgling Empire.

Universe Gold - Part 1 - Gold Experience

Ah yes, it is time. The dampening is upon them all. The date is 2200,01,01. Clinging to their undersides suckling like a freshly birthed mammal is the old way. It is time for the new way to come. Civil Wars once fractured the world of Chantharellus. Now however it is one cohesive group, The Gloriously Moist Collective proved the strongest and thus survived while others fell. Warlord Lumpy, the supreme leader of the Collective rules with an iron fist, as do his governors and lesser lords. Lumpy has one main goal in mind, the domination of the galaxy. Though small in number now he wishes to see a tingly and moist curtain that will dampen this dark galaxy and cast shadows so grand even the most powerful of empires will tremble and expunge musk.

First and foremost the ISS Hurgi-Durgi is sent to the to the toxic world of Oschla. While highly deadly it is rich in minerals. The slaves and workers are high in number and production, Lumpy cares little for failure causing the crew of the Hurgi-Durgi to understand how important such a task is. At risk of death everyone involved begins to build at an alarming rate, making their leader rather dank with pride for this success. Minerals are heavily important resources for construction of ships, bases, and buildings. It is a basic necessity for the plans of Lumpy to expand their borders beyond the system.

Plort is meticulous, he is crafty, he has spores for details. After rising up above his previous superior due to a sudden and mysterious death, Plort the Purple has taken command of the ISS Ag’Lator, the first ship of its kind. Its crew, it isfull of daring individuals who seek to spread their influence and be pioneers in the galaxy. Their Warlord expects the best of them and without question they go off into the final frontier. Waiting, hoping for first contact is is the Lumelius Starfleet, itching for action. As of yet they do not know if life truly exists outside of their glorious system, but there’s only one way to find out.

At this time the scientists still on Cantharellus take to doing detailed research. They start working on Field Modulation, Ground Defense Planning, and Powered Exoskeletons. If anything has been learned by the Chanterelle it is that things must be earned, and they will be in for a fight. While boosting Mineral and Energy Credit harvesting they seek to set up their military in preparation with an oncoming battle. The Exoskeletons in particular may prove most fruitful, allowing their proud warriors even greater strength against whatever puny mortals dare stand in their way.


Oh god, the Passeri are going to end up being the scientists that endanger all of creation in the name of science, aren’t they? Well, It’ll still be interesting to watch these big birds do their thing.

:menace::menace: Fear the wrath of Warlord Lumpy, the champignon of the Chanterelle! :menace::menace:

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Update 2 - Let’s Start Exploring!

The galaxy is a big place. It’s full of what seems like countless star systems, planetary bodies, moons, nebulae, and organisms. But it is not limitless, and it can be explored to its very edges. In this update we’ll be focusing on the start of exploration and surveying of worlds.

Universe A - Part 2 - The Search for Tech

To infinity and beyond! The famous phrase associated with Science Ship Captain Yavak will echo for the ages in the ears of the crew of the ISS Prodigal Plumage. They’ll never forget his iconic phrase, though little do they know he had picked it up from a movie from over 200 years ago. This was lost on them, as none of them were very invested in the history of film. When searching new systems Science Ships have the choice between Exploring or Surveying. When one Explores a system they get a rudimentary look and can keep going. But Surveying they can gain greater insight into the resources each celestial body holds.

Yet in such a short amount of time already the Solar Federation has come across and interesting subject for study. What appears to be a wormhole has been found by Yavak and his crew. They rejoice, and stare in awe out of the port cameras looking at direct feeds of the anomaly. Without the proper technology to deal with this at the moment they mark down its location and beam back their findings and data. At home scientists get to work on devising methods to examine the wormhole and discover just what it is. The Science Ship moves and begins to survey the rest of the system.

To help with research in the Guwartan System which was recently surveyed the ISS Refractory Plumage has jumped to the system. Around Guwartan itself they’ve set up an Outpost. An Outpost establishes some control over a region and allows for further construction in a system. Guwartan Station is humble for now, one day it may become a large bustling community but for now it mostly houses miners and scientists interested in the resources found in around Guwartan.

In the Wicklar System Yavak and his crew make another amazing discover. An ancient advanced civilization that called themselves the Irassian Concordat. These mammals were once some form of interstellar power that dominated this Sector. Apparently a “Pox” led to their ruin. If any still remain it is not yet known, but the scientists of the Solar Federation begin to gather in large numbers so they may be shipped off to Wicklar IV to study the remnants of the civilization. The date is 2201,10,27.

Universe Gold - Part 2 - Heir to the Empire

Lumpy’s spawn has finally been selected by Lumpy as the heir to the Empire. Glopp the Sporny One, as he is called, is known for his impressive fertility. It is believed that by the time of his passing he will asexually reproduce thousands upon thousands of heirs. Though only one may take the throne. Yes, Glopp is very proud and wishes to live long enough to see the wars his children will wage in his name, even against one another.

But what is this? An anomaly has been discovered. On the alien world of Qamm VIII in the newly discovered Star System are the traces of a long gone civilization. Rather than destroy it to make way for the Moist Collective’s new order, the scientists present decide to actually research the damn thing.

Their months of research do not pay off. What they discover is nothing very interesting to the Chanterelle. It was a damn amusement park. As the data is sent back Lumpy waits with precipitated anticipation with moisture dripping from his appendages. Only he is left in a state of anger. He screams aloud in his mighty throne room where he is briefed. On impulse he grabs the nearest servant and crushes their mushroom form with his bare digits. This sends a message of displeasure, the feed is sent back to the scientists who collectively tug at their collars in fear for their lives. Without any hidden stored weapons, any military designs to copy, they have failed in serving Lumpy. Should they return now they would be executed. Instead they return to surveying planets in the hopes of finding something that would please their Warlord.

Back on the home world the fungoid creatures set up more mines. Their heavily expansionist and domination oriented minds require greater resources to draw upon to build the massive empire they desire. So Lumpy has ordered, so it shall be, that they will scar more of the surface of Cantharellus in the name of their leader. What was once a beautiful planet has become an industrious land of ruin and devastation, which came after so many wars. Lumpy cares little for the environment, only results. The date is 2200,09,07.


I’m surprised we haven’t seen any other civilizations yet, even if it’s just one, I feel like that’s one of the biggest attractions of this games.

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In most of my runs I actually haven’t, only in one have I.

So I’m considering adding of adding a third universe that I’ll design, that might be robotic to show off Synthetic Dawn which I just picked up. Would people be interested in seeing that?

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I’d say save it for an Utopia/SD double feature. You’re already gonna be playing a lot of Stellaris as is.

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I’m interested but as grancheater said above, maybe save it for an Apocolypse/Utopia/SD feature as right now you already have alot of stellaris ahead.