Third Time is the....Charm? Let's Play Mega Man X3


Mega Man X. 3. The…beloved? final game of the SNES trilogy for the X Series, and the Black Sheep of the series. Originally outsourced to an entirely different company for most of its lifespan, X3 is an oddity, with several changes, small and large to its gameplay, that make it feel different from its predecessors. For better, and worse.

Personally, I find this game to be a low point in the series, but I at least want to give it an honest chance and show just how…out there this game can be. We will be covering all aspects including the different bosses and upgrades you can acquire over the course of the game, updating every Monday and Friday. I hope you enjoy.

The time has come, once again. We’re back to Mega Man X, and now with 50%…25%…10% more Zero!

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Good news, X didnt die. Bad news, we have more of X3 to go through

We encounter the first of the Nightmare Police, Bit, and…struggle.

Welcome to the Jungle, we got musical references.

We have a runin with our…nemesis? Adversary? …Not Boba Fett, Vile

The time has come, we finally get around to storming Dopplers base

Sigma is finally going to pay, for the final time for the third time. Also Doppler is here.

Well, we killed Sigma. Again. BUT WE ARE NOT DONE. One more for the road of the alternate bosses available in Dopplers Fortress. @moderators this LP is done and ready to be archived.

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