things i shouldn't have drawn (a place for bad/funny drawings)

have you ever drawn something and thought, as your hand was hitting the paper, “I am committing a sin and many gods unknown to me shall weep for a thousand years”?

here is a place to inflict these crimes on others. i’ll start things off with a few crimes of my own

pikachu with teeth

i was given instructions on how to draw kadabra but wasn’t told it was kadabra


ruh roh

reverse mermaid and reverse harpy in love

i don’t even remember the context for this one


My birthday gift to Panzer last year

You know, Harpy Bart Day.


I don’t need context to know this is a true work of art


Oh boy. Trying to learn how to use a tablet on a buggy old tablet, using, while trying to do art for the first time in years, produced some… interesting results.

Those are some of the better ones. A lot I just never bothered to save.

Is this where we post things done in Drawful 2?

Because I drew Sonic But Bigger


I bought a Wacom at Bestbuy on a whim after seeing all the good-ass Overwatch fanart people have drawn.

I have almost no experience drawing

I shouldn’t have.


Everything I drew before my 3DS gaming streams, which I call the 3DS Horrors. Cartoon blood warning.

A sampler:

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