They're After Me Lucky Charms! Let's Play Luckslinger

Luckslinger is a hip-hop infused spaghetti western action platformer developed by Duckbridge (Not to be confused with the in-game character). It started out as a prototype on Newgrounds as a test for the ‘luck mechanic’ (see below), and from there they continued to build upon that into the full game that is available on Steam and Humble Store.

In Luckslinger, luck is a collectable and usable whenever you please. For example, when the player is lucky enough, enemy bullets can be deflected, your trusty duck companion will grab some health for you, or platforms spawning just before you fall to your death. However, when you’re unlucky, bridges might collapse, rocks might fall on your head, or more enemies might spawn.

:siren:This game also has a demo you can check out!:siren:

The LP

This will be an informative LP with each update coming in two parts. The first being the town sections where I talk with everyone and do whatever activties that are available, and the second being the regular levels where we hunt down one of the six bandits who stole the luckcharms from the town of Clovercreek.


Update #1

This first video goes over the basics as well as introduces us to the hub world we’ll be coming back to a lot.

Luckslinger saddles up to go after the dynamite-crazy Sean.

Update #2

Luckslinger meets someone new as well as fights an optional boss.

Afterwards, we go digging for gold in Goldberg.

Update #3

Who likes mini-games? I do.

After that the training wheels come flying off in Morton Express.

Update #4

More people are cropping up to see our main man LS.
:tw: Sheriff says something ableist. Also pixelated gore.during the duel.

After that LS and DB travel to the middle of cussing nowhere to gamble.
:tw: Pixelated gore during boss fight

Update #5

The relationship between Duckbridge and Ducksworth blooms before our very eyes. Meanwhile, Sheriff takes a major chill pill.

Afterwards, LS traverses a warzone.

Update #6

Welcome back to Luckslinger Pro Skater!
:tw: Suicide in the jailhouse.

Welcome back to Luckslinger Pro ICE Skater!

There is only one more update after this. What could it be? How will the story end?? Stay tuned.

Update Lucky #7

LS drops off Paco and gets ready to leave for his next adventure.

Here’s a bonus video that covers some extra stuff I didn’t get to talk about.

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Yo @moderators, this LP is ready for archiving, but leave it open for commenting.

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